Podcast Advertising’s Rise: Dominating the Audio Market

In recent years, audio content has grown in popularity, with podcasts leading the way as a powerful medium. The covid-19 pandemic only accelerated this shift. While traditional advertising channels still have their place in the marketing mix, the rising dominance of podcast advertising must be addressed.

India is in 3rd position when it comes to audio streaming as of 2023, as said by Krishna Iyer, Director of Marketing – MullenLowe Lintas Group. According to Statista, the number of users in the podcast advertising market is expected to grow to 52.99 million by 2027. 

Why Use Podcast Advertising?

Well, questioning why should you go for podcasting advertising is like why should you go for radio advertising.

People generally listen to the audio while carrying on with their daily life activities. While going to the office, hitting the gym, cooking or even before sleeping.

Plus, podcasts are quite popular with millennials and the Gen Z population. 

Consumers are increasingly turning to podcast streaming platforms for entertainment, information, and connection.

And, in general, audio advertising has more positive responses than video advertising due to its lean-back experience. 

In contrast to television or radio ads, which may suffer from ad fatigue or be easily skipped, podcasts command a captive and dedicated audience

Also, scientifically sound has a greater impact on your subconscious mind. 

Brands have realized the potential of employing voice actors with distinctive styles, capable of leaving a lasting impression on the minds of their audience.

If you run an audio ad with a strong message and a catchy jingle, the brand recall value will increase without making a hole in your pocket. Podcast advertising is usually cheaper than traditional marketing. 

Podcast advertising is emerging as a dominant force in the marketing landscape, presenting brands with new and exciting opportunities to reach their target audience.

Seamless Integration and Non-Intrusive Experience

This is the biggest advantage hence, I have to create a separate section. Podcast advertising has gained popularity because of its seamless integration within the content. 

Unlike traditional advertising, which often interrupts the viewer’s experience, podcast ads blend harmoniously with the show’s format. 

Native advertising, where ads are woven naturally into the conversation, provides a non-intrusive experience for listeners. This approach fosters a sense of trust between the host and the audience, making listeners more receptive to the advertised products or services.

The Mechanism of Podcast Advertising 

Podcasts ads are generally run in two ways :

  • Dynamically (Dynamic Ad Insertion), usually with the help of programmatic advertising.
  • Baked-in ads live permanently in the podcast audio file. 

Let’s discuss the basic differences between these two.

If you look at the audience reach factor then, I must say, you can reach a greater audience with dynamic ad insertion.

Also, you have greater control over audience targeting. You can control what genre of podcasting shows you want to target. You can even include and exclude your podcast ads based on the transcript of a particular episode of a podcast show. 

The scope of contextual audience targeting is more with dynamic ads. So, if you are from the automotive industry, you can target shows or episodes which talk about cars. 

You can do a lot of AB testing with audio ad creative and find out which ad works better. 

However, when it comes to creating a genuine and authentic connection, marketers usually opt for baked-in ads. 

You can say, it’s a pure branding activity. You can leverage the popularity of the podcast show host. 

Baked-in podcast advertising is host-read meaning the host will let its audience know about your product. They generally make it so effortless that it feels like your ad could have been part of the script. 

Sometimes, the host will read the ad creative in the episode or it will be pre-recorded by the host.

Host-read ads or native advertising can be more expensive depending upon the influence of the podcast show host.

In conclusion,  As brands continue to explore new avenues to connect with their audience, investing in podcast advertising is an innovative and persuasive way to make a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of consumers. Embrace the rise of audio, and let your brand’s voice resonate across the podcasting landscape.

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