Why Should Brands Do In-game Audio Advertising

What is In-game Audio Advertising?

In-game audio advertising refers to the strategic placement of audio-based advertisements within video games or mobile games.

These ads are seamlessly integrated into the gaming experience, often taking the form of audio messages, branded sound effects, or even in-game commercials. 

Why Advertisers Should NOT Neglect Mobile Gaming Audiences

More than 40% of India’s population is less than 25 years old & median age is just 28. Most of this population is into Gaming, OTT Apps and Music consumption.

According to Inc42, India has the second-highest number of users of mobile for playing games after Japan. 

As of now, there are 400 million mobile gaming users in India only.

These numbers are only expected to grow in the coming years (approx 657 million users by 2025).

As the gaming industry continues to thrive, so does the potential for advertising within games.

Thus ignoring In-Game Advertising would mean ignoring the population which is primarily not available on TV, radio, print etc.

Big brands are already taking leverage of the gaming industry and putting their brands in front of them.

3 Types of In-game Audio Advertising  

Generally, there are three ways in which you can run your in-game audio advertisement:

  • Audio Ad Replaces Inherent Game Music: Basically, you tie up with the game developer and tell them to run your audio advertisement while the gameplay without disturbing the player. This is known to be the most advantageous for both developers and advertisers because it seamlessly integrates within the game. For example, an advertisement voiceover can say this (while the player is still in the gameplay)  – “Remember, fellow warriors, every choice you make in ‘Mystic Quest’ could change the fate of the realm. So, grab a Dragon Energy Drink and embark on the epic adventure today.”
  • Ads Through In-game Music Players Tie-Ups: There are certain games which allow music streaming through platforms like Spotify, and Jio Saavn within the game itself. Audio ads will appear on these platforms while you are listening to music. Just like GTA used to play songs through the in-game radio, but now, instead of radio it’s a music streaming platform. 
  • Audio Pop-up: As the name suggests, there will be an audio ad pop-up on a gaming app or video game after a session completion or at the beginning. It can be accompanied by an image banner. For example, a player completes the level and your branded audio ad runs in the background

There are various integration methods for in-game audio ads. Dynamic in-game dialogue, background music sponsored by brands or immersive radio-style commercials that blend seamlessly with the game’s narrative are just a few examples. 

Brands should innovate while strategising their marketing tie-ups with the gaming industry. 

Why You Should Consider In-game Audio Advertising

“The video gaming industry is probably the most powerful medium in the world in terms of attention, reach and engagement,” says Sam Barratt, UN Environment’s Chief of Education, Youth & Advocacy. (Ref)

The above statement perfectly captures the marketing potential of the gaming world. 

Also, I give you 4 more solid reasons why you should consider in-game audio advertisements:

  • Immersive Engagement: In-game audio ads have the unique advantage of capturing players’ attention without disrupting gameplay. 
  • Brand Association: Placing audio ads within popular games allows brands to associate themselves with the excitement, thrill, and positive emotions that gaming evokes. Through clever audio branding strategies, advertisers can establish a memorable presence in the gaming community, fostering brand recognition.
  • Leverage the Power of Sound: Audio advertisements can connect with your audience on the subconscious level. Aligning the ad content with the game’s atmosphere and incorporating memorable audio elements can help in brand recall.
  • Sonic Branding: Again, playing your brand’s jingle on the gaming platforms not only improves brand presence but establishes a stronger brand recall.

But… is it Measurable?

Yes, you can actually measure the impact of your in-game audio advertisement through Brand Lift Studies (BLS). The trends after incorporating in-game marketing strategies usually show improvement in brand recall.  

Engage PayTunes to Put Your Brand In-front of 400 Million Users

PayTunes is India’s no.1 programmatic audio advertising platform which can help you navigate through in-game audio advertisements. They can help you create audio ads and deliver them to 400 million users in the mobile gaming world. They have partnered with famous mobile game platforms like Candy Crush, Ludo King, etc. 

And with this… 

To provide you with effective delivery they have partnered with organizations that do Brand Lift Studies. This way you can measure the impact of your in-game audio ads campaigns with PayTunes.


In-game audio advertisement is a hot new topic that is emerging and providing a unique opportunity for advertisers or brand managers to create buzz for their brands. Don’t neglect the power of sound and the gaming world!

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