Type!t: A Privacy-Focused Web3 Input Method with an Innovative Type to Earn Feature


Introducing one of the first revolutionary web3 keyboards.

HONG KONG – June 16, 2023 – Type!t is a revolutionary new keyboard that allows users to earn passive income simply by using it for their everyday typing activities. This innovative keyboard has transformed keyboard themes into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or unique tokens that users can own and use while typing to earn rewards.

Type!t is more than just a keyboardit is an NFT ecosystem that combines SociFi and GameFi. This means that users can not only earn passive income using the keyboard but also participate in social and gaming activities within the Type!t ecosystem.

This enables users to create their own keyboard themes, emojis, and GIFs effortlessly, and then claim copyright over the projects they create. This means that users can truly express themselves creatively and earn rewards from their creations.

It’s a completely new way to earn income and engage in the digital economy. With Type!t, every word matters.

To address privacy concerns, Type!t adopts a decentralized approach to ensure maximum security and privacy for users.

To ensure typing privacy and Security, today we conducted a packet capture on TypeIt!, the popular keyboard, to investigate whether it involves any privacy concerns and if it truly avoids accessing our data.

Firstly, we used the packet capture tool Fiddler4 for the operation. We opened the input method and set it as a proxy, matching the Fiddler port.

Next, we performed tests on the input method, and Fiddler automatically captured the software interfaces.

By decompiling the code, we observed some program logic. Although the code was obfuscated to some extent, it was apparent that when characters were entered, the backend only incremented a workload counter. It means there was a check for valid input, and every valid keystroke would increase the counter by 1.

Next, we conducted tests by inputting 56 and 104 characters separately, and the data obtained is as follows:

The [data] field represents the uploaded data content of TypeIt!. However, this data is encrypted, aligning with TypeIt!’s explanation of encrypting data. Nevertheless, we can still determine the uploaded information based on the data length.

From the images, we can see that regardless of 104 or 56 characters, the length of the encrypted data being uploaded remains the same. This indicates that TypeIt! doesn’t actually change the uploaded data based on user input. Therefore, we can conclude that TypeIt! only performs quantity-based statistics on valid input and does not upload the input content.

This test primarily focuses on the latest version, and we will continue to monitor future versions to see if they maintain respect for user privacy.

Market Opportunity

Type!t is the world’s first Web3 input method, designed to protect user usage data and other privacy information through encryption technology and decentralized storage functionalities.

It also incorporates Web3 features such as Type To Earn, GameFi, encrypted chat, and AI word libraries.

After users purchase and install keyboard skin NFTs, they can earn token rewards while using the input method. Targeting the user market of 3 billion third-party input method users worldwide, Type!t aims to become the largest Web3 application in terms of user base. It has already received investment invitations from several renowned institutions.

For further info, please refer to their official website https://www.typeit.net/

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