Did HTVRONT Heat Press Machine make life more colorful?

The world is advancing towards modernization. Today is an era of mechanization. Nowadays every industry, factory, or even a person wants to accomplish tasks just by a single click.

How to make crafts easier has become the mission of HTVRONT, And the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine really made it.

HTVRONT is a company that provides multiple DIY choices and focuses on developing, producing, and selling high-quality DIY machines such as Auto heat presses, easy heat presses, and various popular materials like heat transfer vinyl and sublimation paper to DIY lovers.

What is an HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine?

The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is a machine that can iron heat transfer vinyl or sublimation papers on T-shirts or other materials. It is an intelligent heat press that can work well with all kinds of Heat transfer projects automatically. With just one button to start, it can provide faster and more uniform heat than traditional ones. With multi-layer insulation materials and an auto-off feature, it offers users high security.

With the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, you can easily transform plain shirts into personalized works of art. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a small business owner, or simply want to make a memorable gift, this article will guide you through the process of making shirts with the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press.

How to iron vinyl with HTVRONT?

First of all, let me introduce the Iron-on vinyl that can be applied to:

ü  Cotton fabric

ü  Polyester

ü  Leather

ü  Lycra/spandex

ü  Nylon

For every fabric or material, there is its own special heat transfer vinyl.

Now what to do with the machine?

  1. Set the machine on by pressing the switch button.
  2. Then the screen will display the temperature and time.
  3. Select your heat press setting for temperature and time.
  4. Then press the button “R” to start the heating process.
  5. The start button “R” will turn green when reaching the desired temperature.
  6. Be very conscious about the time and temperature of the selected stuff, as it is always different for different materials.

Then, Pull out the heat plate.

  1. Place your desired material like a T-shirt appropriately in an arranged manner
  2. Pre-press the stuff to remove any air or slits from the surface.
  3. Position your heat press vinyl onto the required place of the shirt.
  4. Place the cover sheet over it.
  5. Click the button of the letter “R”.
  6. Press apply.

After the set time period has passed the machine will automatically stop running. Remove your shirt and here it is! Your personalized product! Isn’t it awesome?!

All in all, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press really makes the press procedure easier.

Below there are the advantages of the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine:

  1. HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine is the best tool for heat pressing for making shirts, pillows, purses, bags, hats, and many more things.
  2. Simple and easy to use. It does not have any complicated procedure to follow. Easy to understand and handle.
  3. Available in an affordable range.
  4. Printed designs are of higher resolution.
  5. The power consumption of the machine is also not that high.
  6. Easily operable with just one click.


Just a click and a thought can make a big change in your lifestyle and living. HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine and its products can become the first step toward the world of reality you are waiting for. Just click and download the products and have a brief look over them can flourish your mind with thunders of ideas.

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