TrustSwap partners with Europe’s Largest Royalty Marketplace ANote Music

New York (SeoXnewsWire) – July 5, 2023 – TrustSwap, a leading DeFi (Decentralised Finance) platform, has announced an exclusive launch of its latest incubation project, Europe’s leading marketplace for music royalty purchases, ANote Music.

The music industry has in recent years been in the spotlight of many investors and  became notorious for huge catalogue transactions, driven by the strong growth of the industry, largely due to the rise of modern streaming platforms. ANote Music is revolutionising the space by empowering individuals to participate in fractional ownership of music royalties. By purchasing fractional shares, investors can unlock a stream of passive income thanks to the royalties which get regularly distributed, while providing music rights holders such as artists, producers, songwriters and record labels with the necessary funding to advance their careers and projects. In doing so, ANote Music bridges the gap between traditional financial markets and the music industry.

TrustSwap’s blockchain expertise and global reach will support ANote Music in their Web3 strategy, granting ANote Music access to TrustSwap’s vibrant and engaged community. With the help of TrustSwap, ANote will be releasing their Backstage Pass loyalty programme, leveraging on its own $ANOTE token, exclusively available for pre-sale within the TrustSwap community. This partnership creates a synergy between decentralised finance and the music industry, revolutionising music royalties and empowering music creators to monetize their work while retaining creative control.

Since launching in 2020, the ANote Music marketplace has seen a community of over 25,000 music lovers and investors come together. Initially focusing on European investors, ANote is rapidly expanding its services worldwide to create more opportunities within the global music industry. Providing investors from all sizes with the chance to make a passive income, ANote has a wide selection of music catalogues which include songs performed by the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Britney Spears, and more. To further empower their community and move closer into the Web3 space, ANote is launching the ANote Backstage Pass, powered by the $ANOTE utility token. Thanks to the ANote Backstage Pass community members will enjoy several exclusive benefits, including reimbursements of streaming subscriptions and concert tickets, lower fees on the platform, discounts, early access to auctions, and more.

“The backstage at concerts is usually where the best deals and connections are being made. This experience is what we look to bring to our platform by introducing the ANote Backstage Pass. We have partnered with TrustSwap because we believe that their expertise in the Web3 space will launch us into the new space, all while ensuring that our customers receive all of the benefits that this new collaboration has to offer. We couldn’t be happier to have them as our partner, as our shared values of bringing a more transparent and more democratised system to the music industry can only result in reaching new heights,” said Marzio Schena, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of ANote Music.

Ivan Anastassov, COO of TrustSwap commented, “As a new era approaches for the music industry, we are excited to take part in entrenching ANote’s role in it. We admire the industry and see its potential for disruption through royalty income streams and allowing fans to earn royalties like the artists. Our goal is to maximise earnings for our music lovers in the community and to provide them with a safe and efficient platform. 

The music industry has historically been limited to a select group of affluent insiders, where the ownership and trading of music catalogues have discouraged broader participation due to complex management processes and market inefficiencies, leaving even successful artists feeling undervalued and facing difficult decisions regarding creative control and financial gain. By democratising royalty accessibility into music catalogues, ANote Music’s platform addresses these challenges by empowering music rights owners to auction a portion of their future royalty interest on their own terms, while retaining full creative control, enabling fair market valuation and 100% management and artistic freedom. Besides having a strong and dynamic team of experts, ANote can also count on industry moguls like Mathew Knowles (father of renowned Beyoncé) and Carlo Antonelli, who both are part of the company’s Advisory board, bolstering ANote’s market-leading expertise.

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