L2FINANCE Successfully Received $10 Million Investment From ARB Foundation and Started a New Chapter With zkSync

New York – (SeoXnewsWire) – July 5, 2023 – L2FINANCE, an on-chain derivatives service platform, successfully obtained a US$10 million investment led by the ARB Foundation at the tripartite signing ceremony with the ARB Foundation and zkSync, and signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the global Layer2 technology giant zkSync, To jointly build a new future for the derivatives market on the global chain.

This investment by the ARB Foundation reflects a high degree of trust in the L2FINANCE business model and its future development potential. This fund will be used to increase L2FINANCE’s research and development in blockchain derivatives services to meet the growing needs of global users and help it achieve full coverage of the global market.

At the same time, the cooperation between L2FINANCE and zkSync will jointly promote the development of blockchain Layer 2 technology and realize the popularization of blockchain Layer 2 technology applications on a global scale. This cooperation will help L2FINANCE further improve its service quality and user experience, and bring better services to global users.

L2FINANCE, ARB Foundation, and zkSync have joined forces to jointly draw a new blueprint for the blockchain derivatives market. Among many projects, ARB Foundation and zkSync chose L2FINANCE as a partner, which is enough to prove their high recognition of L2FINANCE’s business model and their firm confidence in its future development potential.

The investment of the ARB Foundation and the in-depth cooperation with zkSync are not only important milestones in the development of L2FINANCE’s business, but also a manifestation of deep trust and support for L2FINANCE, marking that L2FINANCE’s business will enter a stage of development at a higher speed. L2FINANCE will continue to be user-oriented, actively promote the innovation and application of blockchain technology, and strive to provide better and safer blockchain derivative services for global users.

The success and growth of L2FINANCE is due to its in-depth understanding and application of Layer2 technology. The investment support of the ARB Foundation will further strengthen L2FINANCE’s technology research and development and market expansion capabilities, and the cooperation with zkSync will help L2FINANCE’s global business layout and enhance its competitiveness in the global market.

The successful holding of the signing ceremony undoubtedly indicates that the development of L2FINANCE has entered a new stage. With the strong support of the ARB Foundation and the in-depth cooperation with zkSync, L2FINANCE is expected to lead a new wave of innovation in chain derivatives service technology and create a world-leading chain derivatives service platform.

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Company name: L2FINANCE

Contact person name: John Smith

Company email address: info@l2finance.org

City and country name: New York, United States

Website URL: https://l2finance.org

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