Renowned Preacher Davonte Fennell Claims 2024 Will Be Far Worst Than The Current Year

Coveted preacher Davonte Fennell has gained more attention on LinkedIn as he warns the public about 2024 being much worse than the current year.

Davonte Fennell, a well-known speaker and preacher, has recently gained attention and sparked plenty of controversy on LinkedIn with his thoughts on the economic recession. In a recent post, Fennell stated “ The truth is we will not see the good ole days of 2019 and prior years again in our life time, people need to prepare for that harsh reality. Things are changing at a fast rate and at this point in time people should prepare a will, lower debt, stop financing things and use that money to take care of affairs.

2024 and up will be worse and I said this years ago on other platforms when 80 percent of people thought it was a lie. We live in a world where people rather believe in a lie instead of truth and it’s sad.

I believe millions upon millions of people are waking up to a reality check.

Below are past post from preacher Fennell regarding the times we are living in.

Davonte Fennell stated, “We all know the government is corrupt but GOD has already explained that exact corruption in the Bible. GOD has also given us a brain to use, therefore people should want to prepare for the bad times ahead. However, most want to pretend like nothing will happen.He further stated, “I want people to remember this next message I’m about to say. If you finance expensive things without having the money in your bank to pay for those things upfront, it actually means that you simply can’t afford those things. People need to learn how to be more frugal and with the understanding that the money spent on financing new cars and other things could be money saved in the bank for the children’s future, or for emergency expenses. Having money taken out of the bank each month for a car that might lose value soon is a very unwise financial move to make.”More details and valuable advice from preacher Davonte Fennell can be seen at and at


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