Reaching the Right Ears: The Art of Programmatic Audio Advertising


In the world of marketing, there’s something cool happening: programmatic audio advertising. These ads use sound to connect with people, like when you listen to music or a podcast.

But, here is a catch!

Since it’s programmatic, you not only reach the right audience at scale but with this, you also reach the precise audience to make the most out of your marketing budget with programmatic advertising.

In this article, you will explore the world of programmatic advertising in the domain of sonic branding (audio ads).

Understanding Programmatic Audio Advertising

Programmatic advertising involves the real-time automated buying and selling of ad spaces on websites and various kinds of mobile apps including game applications or audio streaming apps using tools and algorithms.

If you look at this from a technical perspective, there are a bunch of elements involved in this whole ecosystem of programmatic advertising.

Elements like Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) which act as a gateway to advertisers, and Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) which act as a gateway for publishers through ad networks.  Ad Exchanges are the bridge between the two where actual real-time bidding takes place. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are like storage devices where all the user’s data resides safely.

The advantages of programmatic advertising include scalability, targeting based on interests, preferences or behaviour, real-time bidding, and cost-effectiveness.

P.S. Programmatic and display advertising differ in how ads are bought and served.

Programmatic Audio Advertising – Where Audio Marketing Meets Scalability & Right Targeting

As I explained earlier the biggest advantages of programmatic advertising lies in its scalability and right audience segmentation.

The art of audience segmentation transforms the data into a strategic masterpiece.

By categorizing the audience into smaller, more homogenous groups, advertisers can craft messages that resonate harmoniously with each segment.

Personalization becomes the heart and soul of the campaign, allowing brands to tailor their narratives to match the unique inclinations of different listener clusters.

Also, the use of audio in your programmatic campaigns can make your perfectly targeted marketing campaign more memorable.

It is scientifically proven that sound has a more powerful connection with your subconscious mind than the visual entity.

I bet you can sing a whole song without missing a word, but if I ask you what happened in its music video frame by frame, can you answer me with precision?

This is the power of sound, many famous brands have built their identity on sound which become synonymous with them.

Whether it is Airtel’s signature tune composed by A.R Rahman or “Paytm Karo..” or Kingfisher’s “Oo la la leyo”, the list is quite long.

These brands recognized the power of sound and audio branding and created memorable audio which helped their brand to penetrate the market.

And now, this audio branding accompanied by programmatic advertising is getting better and better with the introduction of popular audio platforms like Jio Saavn, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Advertisers can even include and exclude on the basis of the audio script of an episode of a particular podcast show, known as Transcript Targeting.

Podcast Are the New Blogs

Well, it is debatable whether podcasts can be considered as a replacement for blogs, but surely I can say, the popularity of Podcasts is on the rise.

People are consuming podcasts just like they are engaging with songs or radio listening. They listen to podcasts while driving, cooking or even exercising.

Statista reported that there are 95 million podcast listeners in India as of 2021. This number is only expected to increase.

Measuring Your Programmatic Audio Advertising

Audio advertising is a brand marketing activity. Hence, it will be measured with the entities like brand recall using surveys, or partnering with companies that will provide you with Brand Lift Studies.

When it comes to programmatic audio advertising, it is usually measured with Listen-Through Rate or in other words, ad completion rate. It basically measures how much of your ad creative has been listened to by an individual. Audio advertising generally has a more than 90% ad completion rate.


It is high time for your brand to leverage the captivating power of audio advertising using the programmatic advertising medium to reach the right ears.

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