Love Handles & Muffin Tops: An Uplifting Ode To Body Positivity

Apr 20, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — Love Handles & Muffin Tops is a collection of contemporary poetry that celebrates body positivity and encourages self-confidence. Written from the heart, this collection is divided into sections to read when you need them most. Through this raw, emotional journey, author Jax The Poet (T.H. LE) shares both the pain and the healing that comes with loving yourself.

This book is an ode to all shapes and sizes, reminding readers that beauty comes in all forms. It’s a much-needed reminder to be kind to ourselves and embrace our curves with pride. Each poem in the collection offers its own unique message, encouraging deeper self-understanding and inspiring readers on their path towards loving themselves wholly.

At a time when body shaming is so common, it’s important for us to remember that beauty lies within each of us, regardless of size or shape. With Love Handles & Muffin Tops, readers can find solace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles with self-doubt and self-love. Through these inspiring poems, readers will gain a greater sense of confidence, as they learn more about themselves and discover how truly beautiful they are inside and out.

Determined to create change with her work, Jax hopes to inspire women who feel insecure about their weight and perceived flaws, and to influence those who make them feel that way. Her number 1 best-selling book has been presented at The LA Times Festival of Books and The London Book Fair. Additionally, Love Handles & Muffin Tops was the award winning poetry collection at the Book Fest.

The poetry found in Love Handles & Muffin Tops spans different themes such as growth, healing, joy, courage, strength and acceptance. No matter what life brings us – our love handles or muffin tops included – we are all capable of achieving inner peace through self-acceptance. This book serves as an encouraging reminder to be proud of who you are today and embrace your beautiful curves along the way.

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