From Multiple Awards To Collaborative Books: Alicia Ann Wade Is Making Positive Changes With Gratitude

Apr 20, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia — Alicia Ann Wade is inspiring the world to find greater joy and appreciation through The Gratitude MethodTM. In a short two-year period, Alicia has won multiple awards, collaborated with over 70 authors from around the world to produce three inspirational books, released 15 books and journals, and developed gratitude programs. She has also provided life coaching and speaking events to teenagers struggling with anxiety and guided those who feel stuck in life by incorporating her programs and workbooks.

As an entrepreneur herself, Alicia knows the power of positive thinking when it comes to business success. She leverages her knowledge of positive psychology to counsel other entrepreneurs as they build their businesses. Through her work she is helping others realize the transformational impact of gratitude on life’s biggest successes and struggles alike.

Her clients range from high-achieving professionals to those at risk of burnout; Alicia shows them how slowing down with gratitude and self-care can be more beneficial than speeding up to try and keep up. At the heart of her work is consistency; she encourages her clients to bring this same commitment to their own lives. By applying consistent practices in a focused way, Alicia has achieved success in her life — success that she now equips others with in order to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Alicia’s passion for community and charity work is evident in her dedication to giving back and helping people who are less fortunate than herself. She is President for a safe house in her community which has now helped over 80 women’s lives from homelessness and mental health issues. She also loves running, exploring new experiences, and enjoying life as it comes. This combination of ambition and appreciation allows Alicia’s clients to develop themselves holistically — strengthening both their skill set as well as their mindset.

The Gratitude MethodTM, founded by Alicia Ann Wade, has made waves across the globe for its remarkable practicality and effectiveness in improving mental health. Having been recognized as one of ForbesTM Magazine’s Top 100 Entrepreneurship Mentors in 2023and receiving both the International Best Selling Author and Life Coach of the Year Award in 2020, Alicia has established a legion of followers worldwide. Her work continues to inspire people everywhere to lean into gratitude as a means of overcoming obstacles in life while celebrating successes along the way.

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