James Kenton Reveals the Secret Behind Running an Award-winning Roofing Business in Tennessee

Mt. Juliet, TN – May 13 : Before James Kenton ran a metal roofing business in Tennessee, he was a metal roofer for a different business in North Carolina. After Kenton was hired, this company became highly ranked by Replacement Contractor, Qualified Remodeler, and other entities. While the metal roofer has since taken the reins of his business, he credits those accolades to sheer hard work, investing more time than money, and the objective superiority of metal roofs.

Metal roofs were compared to asphalt shingle roofs by Forbes and found to have a longer life and potential for energy savings. The magazine also found the roofing system trendier due to low maintenance and a life span of 40–70 years, much longer than the 15–30 year span of asphalt shingle roofs. Kenton adds another layer of appeal by retrofitting metal roofs to complete and under-construction homes across Tennessee.

“Some of the metal roofs I’ve helped install when I entered the metal roofing business are still going strong,” revealed Kenton. “Our roofing solutions deserve all the accolades because they deal exclusively in metal roofs, which are award-worthy on principle. However, they also deserve recognition for being so easy to tailor to the homeowner’s requirements. You can get metal roofs for your precise slope and size in navy blue, tan, or any other color matching your home.” 

After moving to Tennessee, Kenton adopted some business practices from his former employer and developed many new ones to start his career as an independent contractor. Today, he occupies a managerial position at James Kenton Tennessee Metal Roofing. His job includes providing accurate estimates, managing accounts, preparing project schedules, and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

He prefers walking potential customers through the installation process and providing on-site estimates to maintain transparency, an important aspect of customer service and brand loyalty.

For more details about the roofer’s previous, current, and future endeavors, visit the website below.

About James Kenton

James Kenton has almost three decades of experience installing, repairing, and customizing metal roofs in North Carolina and Tennessee. He dedicated the better part of those decades to a metal roofing company in Wilmington, where he mastered retrofitting metal roofs and developed an innovative roofing system for homeowners. Nowadays, he mostly works behind the scenes at Tennessee Metal Roofing in Tennessee. For more details, view his social media profiles.

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