Innovative Crypto-Philanthropy Venture, VictoryImpact, Set to Launch June 25th

Jun 22, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FLORIDA – A groundbreaking innovation in the cryptocurrency landscape is set to launch on June 25, 2023, merging digital currencies with philanthropy in a unique venture named the Victory Impact Project. This project introduces the Victory Impact Coin (VIC), which will power a global rewards marketplace that offers outstanding savings on daily products and travel experiences while contributing to charitable causes with each transaction.

The Victory Impact Project is pioneering the seamless linking of web2 and web3, presenting a user-friendly experience of cryptocurrency for everyday consumers. Through a simple sign-up and login process, users can immediately interact with the platform, purchasing goods, booking travels, and earning rewards in the form of the VIC token.

VIC sets itself apart with its industry-leading discount program. This novel initiative provides unbeatable pricing on a wide range of consumer products, travel, and exclusive experiences. Furthermore, VIC incorporates philanthropy at its core; a portion of each token transaction goes towards charity, exemplifying VIC’s unwavering commitment to creating a lasting impact.

VIC’s online marketplaces, namely VIC-Travel and VIC-Mart, offer substantial savings on travel and hundreds of millions of consumer products. Each transaction on these platforms rewards users with a cash-back-style reward redeemable in $VIC tokens, providing the potential for consumers to save significantly on annual expenditures.

Victory Impact’s dedication to positive change is reflected in its strategic partnerships with prominent charitable organizations like the Bikes For Kidsand Victory Junction. These evolving partnerships ensure a diverse range of causes can benefit from the platform’s generosity and the commitment of its users. The project has also partnered with Operation Patriots FOB (OPFOB), aiming to craft recreational experiences for Veterans and first responders, offering a brighter outlook for their future.

To further underline its commitment to transparency and safety, Victory Impact is actively tracking regulatory developments and has an optimized tokenomics structure. At launch, the initial liquidity pool will contain over $100,000 USD worth of ETH tokens being purchased by dedicated supporters of the mission and the team. Most of the tokens held in these wallets will be locked post-launch to add an additional layer of security to the $VIC token holder community. The project has also engaged the reputable law firm, Harris Beach PLLC, to track regulatory developments.

About Victory Impact

Victory Impact is an innovative digital platform uniting the worlds of e-commerce, travel, rewards, and cryptocurrency with a deep-rooted philanthropic purpose. Leveraging blockchain technology, it introduces the Victory Impact Coin (VIC), enabling users to enjoy significant savings on everyday products and unique experiences, while contributing to various charitable causes. Founded by Anthony Cadieux II, a veteran in the finance and business strategy sectors, Victory Impact is set to redefine consumer rewards and charitable giving in the age of decentralized finance. For more information about Victory Impact, visit our websiteor join the conversation on Telegram.

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