Gritti Metathon Paris: An Unforgettable Running Adventure in the Heart of the City of Lights

Mar 30, 2023 – (SeoXnewsWire) – Singapore, King NewsWire – Get ready for the ultimate virtual running experience as the Gritti Metathon Paris invites athletes and fitness enthusiasts from around the globe to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey. This innovative “Metathon” event, which runs in tandem with live marathons such as the Abbott World Marathon Majors or Paris Marathon, provides participants with the thrill of competition without the need for travel.

Organized by Gritti, the social fitness company known for making fitness fun and engaging, the Gritti Metathon Paris elevates the virtual race concept. Runners can participate in unique challenges and enjoy interactive leaderboards, catering to athletes of all levels. Furthermore, participants have the chance to connect with a global community of fitness enthusiasts through online games and community engagement fostering camaraderie and support throughout the event.

A standout feature of the Gritti Metathon Paris is the exclusive French themed NFT Medal (Soulbound) and physical medal, both purchased to commemorate participants’ remarkable achievements. Gritti’s creative team has developed an extraordinary Paris-inspired design that skillfully merges the iconic Le Coq Gaulois with the edgy, captivating style of Leon, the Professional. This exceptional medal will serve as a lasting keepsake of the unforgettable adventure.

With entry fees starting at just $1.9 for the NFT Medal (Soulbound) reward, runners from all walks of life can participate and relish the excitement of the race. For those desiring a tangible memento, the NFT plus engraved medal package is available for only $29. This affordability ensures that the Gritti Metathon Paris unites a diverse and dynamic community of fitness enthusiasts, fostering a truly inclusive and global celebration of athleticism and the timeless spirit of the City of Lights.

The Gritti Metathon Paris is slated for April 2 to April 18. Seize the opportunity to join fellow fitness enthusiasts from around the world in this groundbreaking event, which promises a perfect fusion of fun, challenge, and camaraderie. Lace up your running shoes, channel your inner Parisian, and gear up for a thrilling experience.



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