Empire Movers & Storage Partnered With OneTreePlanted for the Future of the Planet

New York City, New York – (SeoXnewsWire) – July 11, 2023 – The beginning of the 2020s has brought to light the necessity of intensifying the fight for a greener and more sustainable future. With extreme weather phenomena becoming more frequent as the years go by, and governments around the world exerting more and more pressure on the business world to adapt its environmental practices, numerous businesses have started to focus their efforts on reducing carbon emissions and doing as much as they can for the environment.

It is in this context that the moving industry has started to adapt to the realities of the present world. We are seeing a lot of companies from this particular sector turn towards sustainable and environmentally-ethical business practices. One of those companies, Empire Movers & Storage, has recently partnered up with the environmental non-profit OneTreePlanted.

“Since our partnership with OneTreePlanted, we’ve relied heavily on them to help us redo the moving industry’s image as a net contributor to pollution and environmental degradation,” says Florin Petruta, owner of Empire Movers.

There are numerous advantages to partnering up with environmentally aware non-profits, and they’re not all about the money. OneTreePlanted allows anyone working with Empire Movers & Storage to contribute to planting trees all around the world, simply by doing business with said company. This, in turn, helps the planet fight off the increasingly devastating effects of carbon gas emissions.

Empire Movers’ office movers nyc services serve as an example of how environmentally friendly practices can also encourage business growth and innovation. Numerous office-owning companies have partnered up with Florin’s enterprise due to its collaboration with OneTreePlanted. It is obvious that companies are more than eager to do their part in protecting our little pale blue dot.

“We are excited to be the exclusive partners of OneTreePlanted in the moving world, and to provide environmentally green solutions to people’s moving needs. We hope with this partnership to eventually be known as the best movers nyc for environmentally conscious people.”

About Empire Movers & Storage

Founded 15 years ago as a small moving company in New York City, it’s recent growth has not done anything to jeopardize its status as a family-owned enterprise. As a specialty company in a competitive industry, it’s purpose has always been to provide top-notch moving services to New Yorkers, no matter the distance of toughness of the move.

About OneTreePlanted

An environmental non-profit that has recently partnered up with Empire Movers & Storage. The non profit provides clients of Empire Movers with the ability to plant trees, and implicitly, work towards saving the environment. This partnership is a first for the moving industry, and heralds a new path that will undoubtedly lead to more such businesses adopting environmentally-friendly practices in the future.


Empire Movers & Storage

Name: Florin Petruta

Email: florin@empiremovers.com


New York City, New York, United States of America

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