Dr. Kristine Medyanik Empowers Companies to Create High-Performing Teams and Retain Top Talent

Apr 30, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — Salem, OR, United States — Dr. Kristine Medyanik is an emerging leader in the field of leadership and team building. Through customized surveys, workbooks, and a team-building series, Dr. K helps organizations reduce turnover rates and increase engagement among teams.

She has recently been named one of the Top 20 Leadership Development and Consulting Companies of 2022, due to her innovative strategies for helping organizations succeed with their human capital management.

Dr. K specializes in making challenging concepts easy to understand through humor and everyday examples, transforming the lens of leadership for individuals and businesses alike. Her goal is to make professional development, team building, and leadership training accessible to organizations who might not have affordable access.

Leadership applies to us all and is an everyday endeavor to be our best selves,” Dr. K says. “It’s not a journey that ends, so enjoy the adventure along the way and give yourself grace when you don’t lead well.

In addition to providing training for businesses, Dr. K has also committed to offering a scholarship opportunity for one teen girl with every leadership series purchased, in order to reduce generational poverty and break cycles of marginalization in families.

Organizations seeking guidance on how they can better manage their human capital should contact Dr. K today. Through her evidence-based research and customized surveys, she can help to identify opportunities and risks for turnover in the team.

For more information visit her website’s Professional Learning Page at https://shatteredglassleaders.com/professional-learning/, to set up a free consultation if your organization needs a turnover tune-up.

Media Contact
Company Name: Shattered Glass Leadership
Contact Person: Kristine Medyanik
Email: kristine@shatteredglassleaders.com
Website: https://shatteredglassleaders.com/professional-learning/

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