BRANDMYDISPO Launches Innovative Custom Mylar Bags Perfect for a Range of Products


Sand Springs, OK – May 8, 2023 – Leading packaging business BRANDMYDISPO has unveiled its new collection of custom printed mylar bags. These cutting-edge bags give companies the chance to package and store their goods with unmatched protection and personalization.

Strong, long-lasting, heat-sealable polyester film is used to make mylar bags. Due to their propensity to shield products from moisture, oxygen, and other impurities, they are well-liked by enterprises. Businesses can add their own logos, branding, and product information to the new custom Mylar bags from BRANDMYDISPO, making them the ideal choice for organizations wishing to improve their branding and marketing initiatives.

The versatility of BRANDMYDISPO’s mylar bags, which may be customized for uses beyond branding, is another distinctive quality. The bags are perfect for use in industrial or medical settings because warning labels or usage instructions can be put on them, for instance. The business’s team of professionals may collaborate with companies to create tailored solutions that address their unique demands and guarantee that their products are packaged with the utmost care and quality.

The custom mylar bags are adaptable for organizations across industries because they come in a variety of sizes and designs. The Mylar bags provide a level of protection that conventional packaging choices cannot match for everything from food products to technological equipment.

These mylar pouches have a number of qualities that make them perfect for a variety of purposes, in addition to the opportunities for personalized branding. Because the bags are light-blocking, odor-proof, and puncture-resistant, the contents inside stay safe and fresh. Additionally, they can be heat-sealed, making it simple to close and open them as required.

Custom printed mylar bags from BRANDMYDISPO are offered with a tamper-evident design, which is one of their distinctive qualities. The custom stand up pouches have a tear notch that, when used, clearly shows when the bag has been opened. For companies who need to guarantee the quality of their products throughout the supply chain, this capability is very crucial.

The founder declared that tamper-evident packaging was becoming more and more crucial for companies of all sizes. “Our printed mylar bags provide businesses with peace of mind knowing their products are safe and secure from tampering,” says Courtney Trouten.

Their custom mylar bags are certain to further establish BRANDMYDISPO’s image as a go-to source for top-notch packaging solutions. Its dedication to individualized service has already earned it a devoted customer base.

Since the bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles, they can be used by companies from a wide range of industries. The mylar bags provide a level of protection for both food products, retail and technological gadgets that is unmatched by other packaging types.

The founder, Sean Millard, remarked, “Our customers know they can depend on us to offer packaging solutions that satisfy their particular needs. We take great pride in providing businesses with the security and opportunity for branding they need to flourish through the provision of customized mylar bags. ”

Due to its commitment to providing high-quality, individualized service, BRANDMYDISPO has developed a devoted clientele that comprises companies from a variety of industries. The company’s packaging solutions have earned the trust of manufacturers of electronics, food, and beverage firms as well as pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Customers particularly value BRANDMYDISPO’s flexible and adaptable packaging options as one of its best features. Businesses have a vast selection of sizes, designs, and materials from which to choose, allowing them to choose the ideal packaging solution for their particular product and sector. The business has the ideal choice for them whether they require a stand-up pouch, a flat pouch, a foil bag, or a custom-printed Mylar bag.

Of course, choosing the best packing solution might be difficult with so many options available. The team of professionals at BRANDMYDISPO can help with that. The business’s packaging experts can assist firms in choosing the ideal packaging solution for their requirements, taking into account elements including product kind, packaging requirements, and budget. Businesses always receive the finest packaging solution for their needs thanks to our individualized service.

Beyond its products, BRANDMYDISPO is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service as well. The organization is committed to offering clients individualized support throughout the packaging process, from choosing the appropriate bags to creating unique logos and artwork.

To help businesses fulfill their deadlines and spending limits, the organization also provides cheap prices and quick response times. BRANDMYDISPO is in a good position to assist companies from all industries in meeting their packaging demands with creative, tailored solutions thanks to its mylar bag printing possibilities.

BRANDMYDISPO is well-positioned to continue setting the standard for the packaging industry for years to come thanks to its commitment to quality, individualized service, and innovation. The organization has the knowledge and resources to develop a packaging solution that satisfies a client’s objectives, whether that client needs a straightforward, plain bag or a custom-printed Mylar bag. Businesses can be confident that they are getting the best value from their packaging solutions thanks to a focus on integrity and competitive pricing.


BRANDMYDISPO, a custom packaging company, focuses on developing unique packaging options for companies of all sizes. The company has developed into a top provider of cutting-edge packaging solutions. It was founded on the tenet that every business ought to have access to high-quality, individualized packaging options.

At BRANDMYDISPO, the emphasis is on offering each and every customer individualized service. The company’s team of professionals collaborates with organizations to comprehend their particular packaging requirements and provide tailored solutions that satisfy them. The staff is dedicated to making sure that every step of the packaging process is customized to the demands of each unique customer, from choosing the appropriate bags to creating bespoke logos and artwork.

The dedication to quality that BRANDMYDISPO has is one of the factors that sets it apart from other packaging businesses. The business only uses the greatest raw materials and production techniques to provide packaging goods that are dependable, robust, and aesthetically pleasing. No matter if a company requires a basic, unprinted bag or a mylar bag custom with an eye-catching design, they can be sure that the finished result will be of the greatest caliber.

Along with its dedication to quality, BRANDMYDISPO is renowned for its affordable prices and quick response times. The organization makes an effort to offer competitive prices and prompt delivery without compromising quality since it recognizes that businesses must operate within constrained budgets and time frames. The business is prepared to provide even more value to its clients with its new range of personalized Mylar bags by giving them an inventive and affordable packaging solution.

The dedication to sustainability that BRANDMYDISPO has sets it different from other packaging businesses. The organization is aware that many businesses are looking for environmentally friendly packaging solutions to lessen their influence on the environment. To that aim, the business provides a variety of environmentally friendly packaging choices, including recyclable and compostable materials and bags. Businesses can lessen their carbon footprint while still upholding the highest standards of product quality and protection by opting for these sustainable choices.

In the end, BRANDMYDISPO stands out from other packaging businesses because of its commitment to individualized service, quality, and innovation. The company is well-positioned to assist businesses across industries in meeting their packaging demands with specialized, high-quality solutions because of its broad selection of packaging solutions, low pricing, and quick turnaround times.

BRANDMYDISPO offers the knowledge and resources to provide a packaging solution that satisfies a company’s demands, whether they are looking for a straightforward, plain bag or a custom-printed Mylar bag. The business is a leader in the packaging sector, offering businesses creative solutions that improve branding and protect goods alike with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, and individualized service.

However, BRANDMYDISPO’s dedication to perfection extends beyond the development of premium packaging solutions. In addition, the business provides a number of extra services that can assist organizations optimize their operations and boost their bottom line. These services include inventory management, package testing and validation, and bespoke design and artwork. Businesses can cut costs, increase productivity, and strengthen branding efforts by utilizing these services.

The custom design and artwork services offered by BRANDMYDISPO can be very beneficial for companies trying to improve their branding efforts. Businesses can engage with the company’s staff of skilled designers to develop unique logos, graphics, and other branding components that can be printed right onto packaging solutions. This makes sure that every box presents a chance to strengthen the brand and improve consumer recognition.

BRANDMYDISPO provides package testing and validation services in addition to customizable design and artwork services. Businesses in regulated industries, like those producing pharmaceuticals and food and beverages, need to make sure that their packaging solutions adhere to high industry requirements for safety and quality, so this is especially crucial. Businesses may make sure that their products are safeguarded and that their packaging solutions comply with applicable rules by testing them before they are put on the market.

Finally, organizations aiming to streamline their supply chain might find great value in BRANDMYDISPO’s inventory management services. Businesses can lower expenses, guarantee consistency in quality, and lessen the danger of stockouts by letting the company handle their packaging inventory. This enables companies to concentrate on what they do bestproducing high-quality productswhile putting the logistics of packaging in the hands of the professionals at BRANDMYDISPO.

BRANDMYDISPO is a company that offers more than just packaging, to sum up. It is a business partner for organizations in several sectors, offering specialized solutions that improve branding initiatives, safeguard products, and improve logistics throughout the supply chain.

The business is well-positioned to continue setting the standard in the packaging sector for many years to come thanks to its dedication to quality, individualized service, and innovation. BRANDMYDISPO provides the knowledge and tools to support businesses in achieving their objectives, whether they’re seeking an affordable packaging solution, unique custom design and artwork, or inventory management services.

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