Blair Ballin Offers $20,000 To Promote Homeownership In Phoenix, AZ

Apr 07, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — For 15 years, Phoenix, AZ real estate agent Blair Ballin has been recognized as one of the top 1% in his area. Now, he is offering an innovative way to help local homeowners make their next move with The Ballin Buydown and keep the homeownership dream alive!

The Ballin Buydown is a unique offer that could make selling and buying a home much more attractive by mitigating the cost of higher interest rates. Homeowners who take advantage of this offer will receive a credit of up to $20,000 to help buy down their rate on their home purchase. This is different from all other buydowns and credits that are in the market. And there is no other Realtor in Phoenix offering anything that compares to this kind of offer.

For many homeowners in today’s market, interest rates are higher than their affordable limit, making it difficult to decide whether or not to sell their current home and purchase a new one. With The Ballin Buydown, however, potential homebuyers would have a lower monthly payment and save due to lower interest rates. This may encourage more people to make the move into their dream homes without feeling burdened by financial stress.

In his words, Blair’s idea behind creating this offer was to ‘lasso in lower-rates’ for his clients, whereby they would be able to take steps towards securing their dream homes without the fear of breaking the bank.

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Company Name: Ballin Real Estate
Contact Person: Blair Ballin
Phone: 480-233-6433
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Country: United States

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