An In Depth Look at MAIV High Yield Investment Offerings

As the founder, what are the core values that guide your decision-making process at MAIV?

MAIV originated from a desire to make high-yield, secure investments accessible to everyone. Throughout my career in the construction industry, I’ve constantly observed how this sector pioneers in providing secure, high-return investment options, whether in the form of equity financing, debt, or comprehensive financial services. At the moment, these vehicles are only accessible to a limited group, typically high-net-worth individuals or investment firms.

My fundamental principles reside within this vision: making high-yield secure investments available to all. I aim to redefine what our customers perceive as value in their investments. MAIV will offer users a high-return investment that not only promises substantial returns but also provides them with total peace of mind while doing so.

Could you briefly explain what MAIV is and how it is different from other investment platforms?

MAIV is a platform that makes high-return, secure investment opportunities accessible to its users, removing the usual entry obstacles. Our team of industry specialists have successfully completed projects worth over £5 billion. We have a consistent history of delivering top-quality projects and solid returns for our investors. At MAIV, we’re not creating new types of returns within the industry; we’re just making it easier for people to access those returns.

Compared to traditional investment platforms, we offer high returns allowing the investors to use the platform with zero cost and fewer barriers to entry.

In Comparison with other platforms in the web3 space, we generate returns through the development of tangible assets and our fixed-rate return products that do not require the assets to be completed, sold, or rented for the investors to get their return. We also do not have any subsequent requirements for investors to achieve the highest rate of return for the product they are using, such as additional token holdings or invested amounts.

How does the $MAIV token function within the MAIV platform? What are its main uses and benefits for holders?

I’ve seen numerous projects with the potential to foster a thriving and beneficial community. MAIV aims to lead in this aspect. Our $MAIV token will be used for governance, allowing holders to influence the company’s development and growth over time. The governance feature will allow holders to propose, vote and implement platform changes. A portion of MAIV’s revenue will be allocated directly to the development of the ecosystem.

We plan to host a lot of real-life events for our token holders. These events will open the door for networking, mutual learning, and of course, enjoyment. Besides the events organized by MAIV, we’ll also reserve spots for our holders at any sports and entertainment events we sponsor.

MAIV will also reinvest a portion of its profits into building its own portfolio of physical assets. Our token holders will not only get to vote on which assets we acquire, but they’ll also be able to make use of them.

Finally, we’re constantly searching for promising new projects to support in their early stages. As a part of this, we’ll provide our token holders with early-stage access to these ventures.

MAIV is known for its high-yield investment products. Could you delve into the key offerings in this category and explain how these products work to generate such substantial returns?


These returns are already calculated into a project’s appraisal to cover the financing cost. With this fee already accounted for from the outset, it allows MAIV to provide a range of products for its users, whether based on a fixed-rate return or an equity product.

MAIV has an experienced team of industry experts who have collectively delivered billions of pounds worth of successful projects. It is that experience and proven track record which sets MAIV up for success. With extensive experience and industry knowledge, MAIV can conduct precise market analysis, project appraisal, and project delivery.

If we take one of the products as an example: the 12-month fixed-rate return – a UK investor or fund will typically charge 20% per annum on equity financing, plus a share of the project’s profits to increase their earnings.

These charges are calculated into a project’s appraisal to cover the financing cost. Let’s take a two-year project, for instance. MAIV gathers the required financing and invests in the project. After the first year, MAIV refinances their investment at a cost of 12%.

The original 20% per annum financing cost that was included in the project’s budget from the start, allows the entity that refinances to get a 25% return on their investment in the project’s last year. This is despite the fact that they paid an additional 12% compared to the initial financing needed.

Therefore, MAIV has assured a 12% return, while the re-financier gains an extra 5% on their standard annual fee. They also shorten their investment period by a year and still get their agreed share of the profits.

MAIV will secure the required capital to provide users their return, before their investment is deployed, significantly reducing risk for users.

Can you share some insight into your plans for the future of MAIV? What milestones do you anticipate reaching in the next few years?

MAIV has already established the necessary infrastructure to manage the development of projects it on-boards throughout the UK.

With the success of the MAIV platform, I see a future where MAIV becomes a significant player in the finance industry. We aim to transform the financial world as we know it, prioritizing benefits for investors, regardless of their investment size.

Unlike many other projects, MAIV’s foundation is already well established. We have a method to generate real, tangible returns that we will continue to use to the advantage of the project and its stakeholders.

Although it’s a bit further down the road, we are actively exploring how we can evolve into more of a private bank in the future. This would allow us to offer our users additional products and services while continuing to provide the safest, highest returns on their investments and deposits.

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