Adam Mustafa Gigini Receives Best Influencer Award in Palestine


Ramallah, Palestine – May 18, 2023 – Adam Gigini, the prominent media personality and owner of Shams Media company, was honoured with the prestigious Best Media Influencer award at the Palestine Social Media Summit. The event took place at the Carmel Hotel in Ramallah and was attended by esteemed guests, including the Palestinian Minister of Information Ahmed Assaf, businessman Yasser Mahmoud Abbas, the ambassador of the State of Oman, and the CEO of “Creativity Moments,” the organising company of the summit, Ayman Irshaid, as well as senior marketing and public relations leaders, and social media experts.

Under the theme “The Era of the Digital Revolution and the Impact of Social Media Content Makers on Society,” the summit highlighted the significance of social media as a powerful tool in the age of technological progress and the information revolution. Adam Gigini emphasised the importance of creating Palestinian content that represents the aspirations of the youth and encouraged popular awareness about harnessing the potential of social media as an effective weapon for positive change.

Expressing his gratitude, Adam Gigini stated, “Winning the Peacock Prize for Social Media and Communication – Palestine is an incredible honour. It further motivates Shams Media to continue leading the way in providing exceptional services and campaigns that are rooted in creativity and continuous innovation. We are committed to delivering the best results and effects for our clients by utilizing our extensive capabilities in digital and social media marketing, as well as leveraging data analytics to drive success.”

Shams Media received the award in recognition of its distinguished work methodology, which combines creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking in the realm of social communication. The company’s commitment to delivering tangible positive outcomes for its customers set it apart from its competitors.

Commenting on the achievement, Director of Shams Media, Adam Gigini, remarked, “We take immense pride in receiving this prestigious award. It is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and our commitment to staying at the forefront of the media industry. I extend my gratitude to our hardworking team and express sincere appreciation to our clients for their trust and the opportunities they have given us to showcase our creativity.”

Shams Media’s ongoing success and numerous accolades exemplify its position as the leading marketing and communications group with a proven track record of achievements on the national stage. The company’s dedication to creative and strategic growth, aligned with global trends, aims to elevate the marketing communication sector across the Arab world.

About Shams Media:

Shams Media is a renowned media company specializing in innovative marketing and communication services. With a focus on creativity and continuous innovation, Shams Media consistently delivers exceptional results for its clients, contributing to the development and growth of the marketing communication sector.

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