Transform your Health: It’s Time to Drink your Oxygen

Apr 01, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — New york city USA — Have you ever asked yourself: “how can I get more oxygen in my body?”. Probably not.

On average, we breathe in and out 12 to 16 times per minute, most often unconsciously, and as long as it feels normal we don’t really stop to think if we would need more oxygen or what the benefits of that would be.

Beyond the obvious nature of breathing as something essential to keeping us alive, deep breathing exercises have gained popularity in recent times through well known personalities such as the one and only Wim Hof, the man who managed to influence his immune response through breathing technique alone.

Deep breathing improves blood oxygenation. That extra oxygen going around our bodies bring about an abundance of health benefits such as stress reduction, pain relief, more energy, improved immune response, lower blood pressure, better digestion, etc, etc, etc. Seems like a bit of extra oxygen is pretty good for us.

As Nick Lane beautifully put ‘Oxygen is hailed as the Elixir of Life — a wonder tonic, a cure for ageing, a beauty treatment and a potent medical therapy.’ – Oxygen The Molecule that Made the world.

What if there was a way of getting more oxygen to our blood stream besides deep breathing or using those awkward nasal cannuals?

We got you.

Oxyoseis an oxygen infused smoothie-like drink providing that extra oxygen kick you didn’t know you needed. A drink?! Yes. Because of intestinal respiration, meaning: you can absorb oxygen through the tiny blood vessels lining your gut. Cool, huh?

Don’t confus us with oxygenated water, we also think that’s a bit of a con due to oxygen having a hard time staying dissolved in water. Open bottle, oxygen gone.

Oxyosecombines fresh fruit juice and a special foming agent before infusing with pure oxygen, keeping it there, nice and cosy. This process is what gives it a smoothie-like texture that you need to try before you believe.

Visit oxyose.comto get notified for the launch and receive a promo code for some free oxygen, without the risk of inhaling a bug.

Catherine drew

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