Trading Automation Possible with PineConnector’s Low-code Toolkit


SINGAPORE – June 19, 2023 – PineConnector’s latest low-code toolkit has been helping over 13,931 traders globally with its trading automation support for retail traders. Automation has become prominent in financial trading for enhancing trade efficiency. The tool is compatible with top brokers and Prop firms. PineConnector offers a detailed set-up guide to improve their offering, making trading easy for newbies.

PineConnector’s innovative tool allows traders to integrate their TradingView strategies with MetaTrader 4/5, automates their trades, and saves valuable time. Those new to PineConnector can use this guide to set up accounts and start seamless trading using PineConnector’s automation toolkit.

Here’s how one can set-up PineConnector

Before starting the set-up, it is essential to have a TradingView account with your strategies set up, a MetaTrader 4/5 account with your broker, and a PineConnector subscription.

Step 1: Get the PineConnector Subscription

One can purchase the PineConnector Subscription by visiting their website,, and choosing the subscription plan per needs. One can opt for a monthly plan at $29.90/month or an annual plan for savings. Users receive a license ID essential to activate PineConnector after their purchase.

Step 2: Download and Install PineConnector

Next, download the PineConnector EA (Expert Advisor) files from the PineConnector website. Once downloaded, install the EA on the MetaTrader 4/5 platform.

Step 3: Enter Your Licence ID

After installing the PineConnector EA on the MetaTrader platform, one has to enter their license ID. This will activate the subscription and allow one to use PineConnector for trading.

Step 4: Configure Your TradingView Strategies

One can configure their TradingView strategies to work with PineConnector. It involves setting up webhooks in TradingView, which will send buy or sell signals to PineConnector whenever the strategy conditions are met.

Step 5: Set Up Webhooks in PineConnector

After setting up webhooks in TradingView, one must set up corresponding webhooks in PineConnector. It will allow PineConnector to receive the signals sent by TradingView and execute the trades on the MetaTrader 4/5 platform.

Step 6: Test the Setup

One must check their setup to ensure everything is working correctly. Try running a few trades using automated strategies. PineConnector should receive the signals from TradingView and execute the trades on MetaTrader 4/5 platform.

Step 7: Start Trading

Once all the tests are successful, one can start trading. One must keep a close eye on their trades initially to ensure everything runs smoothly.

About PineConnector

PineConnector is used by traders in more than 102 countries and has automated over 27.8 million trades. The platform helps its traders to streamline the process and make trading non-complex with their detailed guides, documentation, and customer support. Their valuable support resources help traders to save valuable time spent in set-up, ultimately improving trade efficiency. PineConnector also offers a 7-day free trial for traders allowing them to experience the community of successful traders globally.

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