The metaverse platform FamilyLinkMeta, based on a virtual Earth, opened in January 2024! 

FamilyLinkMeta, a metaverse platform that has garnered significant attention in the United States recently, announced its launch on January 15, 2024.

Officials revealed that FamilyLinkMeta implements a virtual Earth that replicates the real Earth at a 1:1 scale.

To participate in activities on the FamilyLinkMeta metaverse platform, users need to purchase virtual LAND. Although these are virtual properties, they mirror real-world locations such as Seoul, New York, London, Paris, and landmarks, available at much cheaper prices than their real counterparts. It is anticipated that users will enjoy experiences in the metaverse that are difficult to replicate in reality and that virtual real estate offering a sense of satisfaction will become highly popular.

Furthermore, FamilyLinkMeta aims to not only enable the purchase of virtual real estate but also to connect the real and virtual worlds using augmented reality (AR) technology in the future, providing enhanced digital experiences to improve human lives.

FamilyLinkMeta utilizes Mapbox’s mapping system to generate tiles measuring 10m x 10m each. Each tile roughly equates to an area of 30 pyeong (Korean unit of area).

LAND is categorized into five types (residential, commercial, gaming, public, greenery), with different types allowing for the construction of various buildings or items within the metaverse. FamilyLinkMeta offers various benefits to users beyond simply purchasing virtual real estate. For instance:

  1. After purchasing LAND, users receive MAMA points equivalent to 10% of the purchase price whenever another user buys new land, proportional to the owned land’s share.
  2. When a new user inputs a referral code during land purchase, both the owner of the referral code and the new user receive MAMA points amounting to 5% of the purchase price.
  3. Several rewards are provided to encourage user engagement and platform activity.

FamilyLinkMeta is currently attracting significant interest from users worldwide and is poised to emerge as a new dark horse in the metaverse platform landscape, garnering high expectations.


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