Startup, Jax App, is Building an Online Campus for College Students


NEW YORK, NY – June 14, 2023 – Startup, Jax, founded by Jack Crevoiserat, is going all-in on creating a platform to resemble an online campus for college students. After a personal experience that sparked the idea, Crevoiserat now aims to transform the way students connect in daily college life.

In September 2021, Crevoiserat began his studies at New York University. In his first semester in college, he faced the typical challenges of a college freshman. He felt heavily disconnected from both his peers and the overall campus environment. In a large microeconomics lecture hall with 400 students, he struggled to find a sense of belonging or establish meaningful connections. As the semester went on, Crevoiserat felt even more distant from his college community, leaving him looking for a solution to bridge the gap.

Driven by this void, Crevoiserat teamed up with his partner, Ryan Trattner, to develop Jax an all-in-one platform designed to foster communication and connection across college campuses. They aim to create a dedicated online space exclusive to individual colleges, by creating what they like to call “online campuses.” By linking students to their college through their college email, Jax aims to create the true feeling of a college campus, but online.

The platform gives students access to various chatrooms, connecting them with peers from their college, fellow students in their major, and students who are expected to graduate the same year as them. Additionally, Jax automatically links school-wide emails into a designated space where students can observe important updates while also chatting. The platform seamlessly integrates other features catered towards students’ daily wants and needs, such as a roommate finder utilizing dating app-like features to help match students, a tutor-finding space, an interactive sports sector to resemble an online student section for all athletic events, AI technology to help students search relatable material, and much more.

Jax aims to become the go-to platform for college students looking for an outlet to connect, but also the place for students to just feel comfortable when reaching out. With Jax, students can become one-click away from their campus at all times.

Currently, Jax is rolling out its platform through a waitlist system, with plans to launch on its first college campus in the upcoming Fall semester.

Company Name: Jax App

Contact Name: Jack Crevoiserat



Country: United States

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