Shiuli’ wins the top story and concept prize in USA film fest, Babai Sen offered to make 2 crore-budget film from USA Government

Shiuli is going to bring two new faces of Bengal, The story of a beautiful village on the lap of the hills, This movie is made with a beautiful love story and friendship story. Even in love stories, the selfless love of friendship is shown here. Sudipta Chakraborty acted as one of the lead actress in this movie, Also many big actors and actresses in Bengali Film Industry have worked here. Babai Sen, the creator of Shiuli is very hopeful about this . This story has won everyone’s heart and won many awards. It has many beautiful songs.

Babai Sen said, that he had to face so many problems while making this movie. Having to fall into financial crisis, various people have to take the title of cheating to do this project. Still you don’t give up hope no matter how much trouble, no matter how many storms come, no matter how bad the times are, he promises that this movie will reach every people and win many awards and people’s love will overcome this hardship.

Finally that time has started but despite the bad times he has sent the movie after getting many international faces and many good news from many places.He is very hopeful to get many awards and then the movie will be  released.

He is fighting for this movie alone. Few companies are collaborating with him.Avishek Das,

Rajesh Shaw,Srinath Mondal, Pompa Roy , Twinkle,Suchandra Roy these people are supporting financially to take this movie forward.

It’s a proud moment for Kolkata filmmaker Babai Sen and why not? His directorial debut ‘Shiuli’ has now won the top prize, the Silver Chika Award at the Kara International Film Festival in the USA in international competition. There is another interesting aspect besides the silver Chika trophy. Babai Sen will get an opportunity to make a film in the US which will be fully financed and produced by Kara SST as part of this award. This initiative is under the successful leadership of world famous ISA filmmaker Kawas.

Babai Sen was born on 29th April, 1990. Already his work has received appreciation and awards in foreign soil beyond India.

Babai Sen’s next big budget movie to be produced 60% by the USA Government and 40% by his Shiuli producer (Avisek Das, Rajesh Shaw, Srinath Mondal) and his wife Susmit Sen Adhikary She is owner of Arshi Entertainment.

Babai Sen’s next big budget movie is called “Nanna girl’s”which is about the journey of eleven girls in football.

Pre-production has started and many big names of Bollywood are working here besides Tollywood Bangladesh and US big theater artistes and well-known celebrities.

Babai Sen doesn’t want to work with newbies anymore because the newbies never want to cooperate. They don’t want to understand the difficulties is what he wants to say artist & DOP everyone.

Babai Sen is still fighting with Shiuli movie release. He wants to win all the awards and continue his fight till the release. Hopefully he wins the battle.

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