PRIME Consulting Unveils Groundbreaking Approach to Business Coaching, Offering Unprecedented Support for Owners and Operations Teams Alike

Ottawa, Canada – Friday. February 2nd – In an industry first, PRIME Consulting, a trailblazer in the realms of Business Coaching and Consulting, today announced the launch of its novel service offering. This service is uniquely designed to cater to the strategic development needs of both business owners and their operations teams, marking a significant departure from traditional consulting practices that often focus on one group to the exclusion of the other.

With an innovative model that emphasizes practical, strategic support accessible to all levels of an organization, PRIME Consulting is redefining what businesses can expect from a consulting partnership. The firm’s dual-focused approach not only facilitates more cohesive business strategies but also strengthens the foundational team dynamics that are essential for sustained success.

“PRIME is built on the conviction that the prosperity of a business hinges on the combined strength and alignment of its leadership and the operational teams,” stated Matthew Sanjari, CEO and Lead Business Coach, at PRIME Consulting. “Our bespoke services are meticulously designed to fortify this alliance, ensuring both business leaders and their teams are equipped to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment together.”

The consulting firm’s suite of services encompasses everything from leadership coaching, strategic business planning, to enhancing operational efficiency and fostering effective team collaboration. What truly distinguishes PRIME Consulting is its commitment to making these premium services accessible, offering various engagement models to suit the unique needs and constraints of different businesses.

“We are passionate about democratizing access to high-caliber business consulting services,” explained Matthew Sanjari. “Our innovative approach ensures that businesses of all sizes can harness the power of expert guidance to catalyze growth and drive unparalleled performance.”

The launch of PRIME Consulting’s pioneering services comes at a critical time when businesses are looking for adaptive and integrative solutions to overcome the challenges of a rapidly evolving market landscape. With a seasoned team of consultants who bring diverse expertise and innovative thinking to the table, PRIME Consulting is well-positioned to lead its clients to new pinnacles of achievement.

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About PRIME Consulting

PRIME Consulting is at the forefront of the Business Coaching and Consulting industry, dedicated to empowering both business owners and their operations teams with strategic, practical, and accessible consulting services. By fostering a symbiotic relationship between leadership and operational teams, PRIME Consulting propels businesses toward achieving their full potential in a competitive global market. For additional information, please visit


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