Riva del Garda, Trento — May 14, 2023 — Villiams Osipovs, a young optimist sailor, has joined forces with the 2023 Optimist World Championship to promote a “Sustainable Experience.” The prestigious event, organized by the Club Vela Ballena Alegre in collaboration with the Asociacin Espaola Clase Internacional Optimist under the authority of the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA), aims to raise awareness and inspire young sailors to embrace sustainability. Villiams Osipovs, competing under the Latvian sail, is excited to support this initiative not only during the championship but also through his training at the Fralia Vela Riva club in Italy and international clinics with Atlantis Academy.

The 2023 Optimist World Championship is recognized as the most important children’s sailing sports event, attracting boys and girls under the age of 16 from around the globe. While the championship focuses on the formative aspect of small boat sailing, the Club Vela Ballena Alegre goes beyond the competition itself by developing transversal projects. The standout project for this edition is the “2023 Optimist World Championship – Sustainable Experience.”

This unique concept embodies the creation of a globally respectful and socially responsible environment during the event. The objective is to foster awareness and consciousness among young sailors about the importance of sustainability. Embracing the motto “think globally, act locally,” the championship promotes local actions and initiatives that contribute to environmental sustainability, taking into account the global impact of these actions.

Villiams Osipovs, who trains at the Fralia Vela Riva club in Italy under the guidance of Mauro Berteotti and Benedetta Boniotti, is thrilled to be a part of this exceptional project. “It’s a real pleasure to be involved in such a great endeavor,” he remarked. In addition to promoting the Sustainable Experience during the world championship, Villiams plans to extend its reach by sharing the message with his home club and during his international clinics with Atlantis Academy, led by Jonas De La Cruz and Simone Ricci. With a diverse group of international sailors attending the Atlantis Academy clinics, Villiams is confident that the Sustainable Experience will garner worldwide attention.

To further support the championship and inspire young sailors, Villiams Osipovs will distribute free copies of his adventure book titled “Garda Kraken” during the 2023 Optimist World Championship. The book, which encapsulates the spirit of optimist sailing, is now available in digital format.

Villiams extends his best wishes to all the participating sailors, hoping for fair winds and good luck throughout the championship. Ciao, Ciao, Ciao!

About Villiams Osipovs

Villiams Osipovs is a young optimist sailor hailing from Latvia. With a passion for sailing and a commitment to promoting sustainability, Villiams actively participates in international championships and collaborates with organizations to inspire young sailors worldwide.

About the 2023 Optimist World Championship

The 2023 Optimist World Championship is a prestigious sailing event organized by the Club Vela Ballena Alegre in partnership with the Asociacin Espaola Clase Internacional Optimist. The championship attracts young sailors from various countries, fostering competition, skill development, and a deeper understanding of the sport while promoting values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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