MORE Global Help Charity Foundation provides sustained motivation for international cooperation in charitable causes

Apr 13, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — MORE Global Help Charity Foundation held a successful global strategy launch event in April 2023. The event was attended by more than 30 representatives from various organizations, community alliances, and corporate entities that have partnered with MORE in its global charity efforts. The foundation received high praise for its outstanding contributions in sustainable development in charity work worldwide over the past seven years. The foundation has played a critical role in helping impoverished, diseased, war-torn, and disaster-affected women and children. It has promoted innovation in public welfare by authoritative institutions and civil organizations globally and participated in international public welfare cooperation and exchanges, enabling the spread of MORE’s love more widely.

During the event, MORE Global Help Charity Foundation launched its digital finance platform – MORE Global Financial Aid Platform. It is an international charity project management platform that brings together charity individuals, organizations, and businesses from all over the world with people in distressed and impoverished areas who voluntarily participate in global charity work. It provides an international platform for mutual aid and development exchange. After the event, many well-known global foundations, organizations, and public welfare companies expressed their deep intentions to cooperate, including Unicef, The Global Fund, World Vision, Oxfam, Milken Family Foundation, The Heinz Family Foundation, among others, showing their appreciation for the MORE Foundation and its global strategy going forward.

As a digital finance platform built by the MORE Foundation, the MORE Global Financial Aid Platform aims to create a more equitable, transparent, and trustworthy charity finance platform globally. The platform is an innovative platform that combines traditional public welfare charity models with modern public welfare charity models, making public welfare charity more efficient, safe, and reliable.

The platform encourages people from all over the world, regardless of gender, race, or nationality, to use a two-way mutual aid model. Members are both helpers and beneficiaries through a “mutual assistance” relationship. In addition to traditional public welfare charity methods such as donation and charity, modern public welfare charity methods such as service, material, and fund mutual aid can also be carried out through “mutual assistance.” Based on the “MORE Consensus,” the platform anchors on fairness, openness, justice, and transparency, and creates a “multi-person-in-one” digital ecological engine through social finance, resource intelligent scheduling, and global fund mutual aid communication, injecting new vitality and momentum into the development and international cooperation of global public welfare.

In today’s society, public welfare charity is crucial. The launch of the MORE Global Financial Aid Platform marks the beginning of a new era of digitization and intelligence in charity work. MORE provides an excellent platform for everyone to contribute to global charity work. Its birth will provide new ideas and solutions for the development of global public welfare work, provide more efficient, safe, and trustworthy public welfare donation channels for public welfare organizations and individuals worldwide, and promote the healthy and orderly development of global public welfare work.

The MORE Global Help Charity Foundation is the beacon of hope for people facing life challenges, providing a platform for people to help and support each other. The MORE Global Help Charity Foundation’s strategic launch event was successfully held, and it marks a new milestone for the development of global public welfare work.

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