Michael Krieger; Exploring AI and Fin-Tech as an Economic Tool for Successful E-commerce and Investing Enterprising

Apr 17, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — New York,USA — “We all have heard of someone getting overnight success, but what we don’t hear about nearly enough is the people who have just the opposite experience yet still become successful.” — Michael Krieger

The major shift Michael Krieger is experiencing comes in stark contrast compared to where Krieger, a young adult from the Hudson Valley New York started. Krieger has recently made several strides with his self-enterprising against many odds ranging from an economic downturn, taking on risk, constant setbacks, and on top of it all, not seeing any progress for years.

Krieger didn’t start out with success and none of his results came easily after one try at working to achieve them, he hit a lot of walls in the early days of becoming self-enterprising. When Krieger was a high school student he opened a stock trading account as soon as he could on his own and started learning as much as he could via trial and error. Krieger didn’t just find work and take orders from a boss either. While most of his peers were focused on going to college for all the wrong reasons, he teamed up with a family friend to detail cars with him for a summer and acquired very valuable business skills ranging from customer service to marketing, product and service creation as well as logistics.

As time went on he tried his hand at all kinds of business and investing strategies, he failed time after time but stuck with his creative process until he saw results deep into a rough 5 year period. But it was in this 5 year period that seemed would last forever that Krieger ignored the lack of progress and results and walked with heavy faith and conviction until he started really figuring out how to lay the foundation for multiple income streams, and more importantly solid planning of what you need to do to make your goals happen.

Krieger’s experience kept elapsing and compounding in its own way as he immersed himself more into business and finance, before he knew it the stock trading account he had set up years back that he had wiped out a handful of times was now getting great returns, Krieger accredits the fact that getting real-world experience at a young age by learning to operate and understand how a small but great business worked allowed him to know what stock and tech projects to avoid, and of course what business style he should gravitate towards to grow capital.

As of now, Krieger is currently up on the assets he’s picked, ranging from a 60% gain on the lower end to a 175% gain in terms of his best-performing pick that he currently holds (his all-time best trade yielded him a 2400% gain in 2021). Moreover, all of the great results he’s accruing are coming his way in a world with a shaky economic outlook. Additionally, Krieger has also managed to lay the foundation for a self-sustaining passive income stream, as well as build an e-commerce enterprise that is improved well past his previous iterations all since the start of this year. Krieger treats each stream of income as an asset column and cycles money from one to another to keep his capital growing and more importantly when there is no growth Krieger further develops the growth potential of the asset columns.

A great takeaway you can gain from Krieger’s years of self-taught enterprising is that his self-enterprising process or system functions based on how Krieger scores his days. Krieger looks at his cash flow now that he has implemented multiple asset columns to determine what he should replicate when he does things right and likewise when things don’t work and he needs to try something different.

Krieger couples this strategy with a reasonable goal and goes forward to figure things out to achieve it exactly in the same way he did to build his asset columns initially, the only difference is that when he was laying the foundation for his asset columns he saw no results as well as losses that would make most people’s heart sink but none of that could make him quit. As of recently Krieger’s goal for his daily cash flow is $1000+ a day, a goal he once thought was extreme until he managed to pull it off a handful of times in 2021. Fast forward from an era defined by growth in 2021 and now, we face a severely bearish economy but Krieger is managing to hit his goal of $1000+ a day every so often with the asset columns that he’s worked for so long to build.

Krieger makes a major point about how sometimes you have to work and see no progress for a while before you really see a clear path towards your goals, and that a lot of other influencers make taking progress towards your goals seem effortless and that can really dishearten and leave people defeated when they go to try their ideas.

Krieger also makes another point that the day after you quit could be the day that all of the work pays off which is why it pays to constantly be building, especially in periods of downturn because when things are built in the winter they can really take off once conditions shift to allow more growth.

Sometimes things can happen in such clear alignment that they seem like they could only be a product of luck even after years of preparation. It might seem like Krieger (or anyone/whoever) had a stroke of luck choosing to build asset columns integrating the greatest emerging industries going forward into economic recovery and higher highs (someday). However, Krieger chose to work with and heavily invest into AI, Fin-Tech, and passive income generation because he spent years studying and refining his craft for actualizing high growth potential.

It’s amazing how everything that I invested in a while back is also coincidentally the same tools and technology that I’m now working with to improve how I work and my results. It just goes to show you that lots of time working on preparation can yield no results for a long time until they come to you all at once.” — Michael Krieger

If you’re interested, Krieger has curated a free open-source guide of all the resources he’s found useful in building his self-enterprising projects as well as a guide on how he’s utilizing AI to enhance his self-enterprising processes.

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