Metal Strong Announces Simultaneous Acquisitions, Expanding Its Global Mining Footprint

Santiago, Chile – June 20, 2023 – Santiago-based mining and exploration company Metal Strong has unveiled its strategic plan for simultaneous acquisitions. These acquisitions mark a significant step forward in Metal Strong’s expansion strategy and will further solidify its position as a key player in the global mining sector.

The successful completion of these simultaneous acquisitions has been made possible through substantial investment and support from Belize-based financial institution Richardson Scott LP. This strategic partnership signifies the shared vision of both companies to unlock new opportunities and leverage the potential of mineral-rich regions worldwide.

Metal Strong’s acquisitions encompass a diverse range of mining assets in strategic locations, with a focus on cobalt, lithium and nickel mines in both Chile and Mexico. The company’s meticulous evaluation process has identified several highly prospective assets, providing Metal Strong with a unique opportunity to enhance its resource base and maximize long-term value for its shareholders.

Luis Heras Gonzlez, CEO of Metal Strong, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the acquisitions, stating, “With the clean energy revolution in its early stages and the pressures ramping up we are entering an unprecedented metals demand period in the coming two decades – as much as 3 billion tonnes.”

“This will no doubt over time bring new base levels to the price of key metals and strong revenue and profit to our operations and future plans for years to come.”

Metal Strong’s expanded portfolio includes mining assets in key regions known for their mineral-rich deposits. The acquisitions demonstrate Metal Strong’s dedication to diversifying its resource base, mitigating risk, and positioning itself for long-term success in an evolving global market.

As Metal Strong integrates the newly acquired assets into its operations, the company remains steadfast in upholding its commitment to responsible mining practices, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. Metal Strong prioritizes sustainable development, ensuring that its mining activities have a positive impact on local communities and contribute to the socioeconomic growth of the regions in which it operates.

The completion of these acquisitions will represent a significant milestone in Metal Strong’s journey towards becoming a global mining powerhouse. The company is well-positioned to leverage its expanded resource base, technical expertise, and operational efficiency to create substantial value for its shareholders while driving sustainable growth in the mining sector.

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Name: Luis Heras Gonzlez


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