KOOLX ECO360: Transforming Cooling, Cutting Bills by 30kWh with Sustainable, Passive Solutions

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KOOLX ECO360: Elevate Your Indoor Experience with Innovative Cooling Solutions.

KOOLX ECO360 takes a leap beyond conventional cooling, promising maximum indoor comfort with minimal energy consumption. In a world dominated by energy-hungry air-conditioning units, KOOLX is reshaping the future of indoor comfort with its fanless passive cooling systems.

Embracing Well-Being: Beyond Cooling

KOOLX’s passive cooling systems transcend the realm of temperature control; they’re designed to enhance the health and well-being of occupants by bringing the essence of nature indoors. Filtering out dust and particles while cooling the air, these systems create a natural and refreshing ambiance in spaces ranging from cloakrooms to offices. By eliminating odors, KOOLX ensures a cool and fresh environment, contributing to happiness, relaxation, and overall contentment. This not only improves mental health but also elevates the quality of life.

Compared to conventional cooling solutions, KOOLX brings nature into your indoor space, utilizing natural ventilation and heat-transfer principles instead of energy-intensive refrigeration cycles. This approach not only reduces electricity consumption, cutting down on bills but also contributes to environmental conservation. The absence of a refrigeration process improves indoor air quality and enhances thermal comfort, making your building a more desirable place to live and work.

KOOLX-ECO360: A Sustainable Technological Marvel

Amidst global climate change concerns, KOOLX-ECO360 stands as a beacon of sustainable technology. With the world experiencing a 1.2-degree Celsius increase in temperature since the 10th century and a 50% rise in CO2 levels, the need for eco-friendly solutions is more critical than ever. KOOLX-ECO360 responds to this call, delivering a sustainable and cost-effective cooling system for buildings.

Contributing to environmental conservation, KOOLX-ECO360 reduces annual chiller plant loads and overall energy demands.

This passive cooling system seamlessly blends innovative cooling technology with trend-setting design concepts, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics. Crafted with the highest standards and meticulous attention to detail, KOOLX stands out as a premium provider of fanless cooling terminal units. The new line of passive HVAC filters and terminal units delivers superior air filtration and temperature control for commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

KOOLX-ECO360 Passive Terminal Unit: A Marvel of Engineering

The KOOLX-ECO360 passive terminal unit combines ecology-based lightweight design with highly efficient cooling thermodynamics and fluid engineering. Absorbing heat from indoor objects, including the human body and walls, it maintains a constant temperature. Carefully customized to fit seamlessly into the architectural interior design, this unit enhances energy savings by cooling indoors horizontally, ensuring a uniform space temperature.

What sets the KOOLX-ECO360 passive terminal unit apart is its use of a chilled water system that requires no power or fan to cool indoor spaces. This advanced technology is exceptionally effective, reducing building chiller cooling loads by up to 30% and making it suitable for standalone installations or integration into multiple HVAC systems. Furthermore, it’s compatible with both chilled water systems and refrigerant gas.

Installing the KOOLX-ECO360 passive terminal unit enhances indoor air quality, offering a powerless, ductless, filter-less, noiseless, fan-less passive endothermic cooling system. Experience clean and cool air silently throughout the day, with the added benefit of safety – the unit, being non-powered, remains safe to touch and use, making it ideal for the elderly and children. Its non-powered nature also suppresses peak energy load demand, reducing maintenance and duct cleaning costs.

KOOLX-ECO360 Passive HVAC Filter: Breathing Clean

The KOOLX-ECO360 Passive HVAC Filter is a game-changer in air quality improvement. Compatible with existing Fresh Air Handling Units (FAHU) and Air Handling Units (AHU) without further modifications, this filter enhances indoor air quality by removing dust particles, allergens, and odors.

Utilizing advanced technology, the KOOLX-ECO360 Passive HVAC Filter electrostatically attracts and traps airborne particles, ensuring occupants breathe the cleanest air possible. With high filtration efficiency, it reduces the cooling load on the heat recovery wheel and cooling coil, keeping rooms and common areas free of odors and other air contaminants.

The filter contributes to air cooling by transforming energy between supply and exhaust air, breaking down clusters of moisture into individual molecules. This process improves thermal conductivity as air passes through the filters, enhancing the heat exchange ratio and achieving a more homogeneous distribution of treated fresh air. The result is faster attainment and more even maintenance of the set temperature.

KOOLX-ECO360 Unique Design: A Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

For building owners seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, KOOLX-ECO360’s unique design delivers both aesthetics and functional cooling solutions. The terminal cooling unit maintains a comfortable indoor temperature without relying on energy-intensive mechanical cooling systems.

Matching the shapes, colors, and functions of the products to meet specific building needs, KOOLX ensures seamless integration without altering the original design. Whether installing a fanless passive cooling terminal unit curved to fit bay windows or around columns, customization options for width, length, chord, depth, or curve cater to specific space requirements.

KOOLX’s design goes beyond cooling; it offers an efficient cooling unit designed to enhance the style and appearance of your building. The unit elegantly and discreetly harmonizes with the surroundings, achieving a beautiful flow in the room space. Versatile enough for residential homes, schools, offices, hospitals, data centers, and commercial buildings, KOOLX units redefine both form and function.

The Bottom Line: Elevating Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining a healthy indoor environment goes beyond just cooling – it’s about eliminating contaminants and keeping the air clean. As people seek more effective and efficient cooling systems, KOOLX offers advanced solutions for cleaning and cooling indoor air. The KOOLX-ECO360 Passive Terminal Unit and KOOLX-ECO360 Passive HVAC Filter are ideal for buildings in any industry, providing an innovative fanless passive cooling solution that keeps the air cool and clean while significantly reducing energy consumption.

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KOOLX-ECO360 is a company specializing in passive cooling and indoor air purification solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Our innovative and sustainable approach is focused on reducing the carbon footprint, preserving the environment, and the well-being of building occupants. Our superior product line offers high energy efficiency and maximum comfort while reducing maintenance costs.

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