Hebeto – decentralized financial ecosystem from the UK

Apr 25, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) – United Kingdom:- Hebeto has been listed on the P2B exchange on 13th of April with HBT/USDT pair.

What is Hebeto?

Hebeto is a UK-based team of forward-thinking technologists who are dedicated to establishing a decentralized financial ecosystem in the crypto sphere. Their ecosystem is comprised of a diverse range of products, including Staking, P2P Exchange, and Centralized Exchange. However, their core offering is Bot Trade AI, an innovative artificial intelligence technology that enables coin trading with exceptional accuracy. The Bot Trade AI utilizes AI and Big Data technology to capture and analyze relevant market data in real-time. With the ability to generate up to 12% profits per day, the Bot Trade AI executes buy/sell orders based on precise profit-taking and loss-cutting criteria.

Bakingo – Creating a Bakery Brand Through Path-Breaking Products & Services

Hebeto is committed to continually expanding and enhancing its product offerings. The team is currently working on developing its own blockchain, wallet, and exchange, which are set to launch by the end of 2024. This forward-thinking approach to product development and commitment to innovation underscores Hebeto’s position as a leading player in the crypto industry.

Token HBT

Hebeto’s HBT token is built on the Binance Smart Chain, providing a secure and efficient platform for users to transact with. The token is represented by the symbol HBT, with a decimal value of 18. Hebeto initially launched with a total token supply of 120,000,000, ensuring the platform’s liquidity and accessibility for its users.

Hebeto’s HBT token presents highly attractive staking conditions for its users. By staking their HBT tokens, users can receive interest for 12 months, followed by another 12 months to disburse the principal. Alternatively, users can choose to deposit their HBT tokens for 12 months, receiving interest after 12 months of principal disbursement. By participating in staking, users can earn daily interest, with the potential to earn a total interest of up to 300%.

The main goal and mission of the project

The team behind Hebeto is composed of renowned specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies, who have joined forces three years ago in the United Kingdom, united by the shared vision of creating a robust DEFI crypto ecosystem. As a result of their collaboration, Hebeto has emerged, offering packages with competitive interest rates to its users. Their mission is to empower financial users to achieve significant profits through their platform.

  • Website: hebeto.com/
  • Twitter: twitter.com/Hebeto_Official
  • Telegram channel: t.me/hebetoteamofficial
  • Telegram community: t.me/hebetocommunities
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/hebetoteam
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/hebeto/
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