Great Eastern Fund’s Xian Hu Sutra Digital Collection Launches to Resounding Success, Achieving Impressive Price Surge Upon Exchange Listing


VILNIUS, Lithuania – June 5, 2023 – Great Eastern Fund, Manniu Toutiao, and Zhongan Shenzhou Exchange are delighted to announce the successful launch of the Xian Hu Sutra Digital Collection. This highly anticipated listing has surpassed all expectations, resulting in a remarkable 10 times surge in the price of the digital collectibles upon being listed on Zhongan Shenzhou Exchange.

Xianhu Sutra, an ancient Chinese scripture revered for its cultural significance, has been transformed into a digital masterpiece through the Xianhu Sutra Digital Collection. This extraordinary collection is a testament to the seamless integration of cultural heritage and innovative technology, capturing the essence of the Xianhu Sutra’s wisdom and beauty.

Great Eastern Fund, renowned for its expertise in asset management, has been exclusively authorized for the sales and distribution of the Xianhu Sutra Digital Collection. As a company dedicated to delivering long-term and stable returns, Great Eastern Fund is proud to offer investors the opportunity to own a piece of this remarkable digital collection.

Furthering its global reach, the Xianhu Sutra Digital Collection is set to make its mark on the World Art DEXPO NFT Marketplace, a prestigious Korean NFT exchange under CONUN. This upcoming listing promises to unlock new dimensions for digital art enthusiasts and collectors alike, as the Xianhu Sutra’s profound cultural heritage resonates with audiences around the world.

Wade Johansson, Chief Investment Officer of Great Eastern Fund, expresses great optimism regarding the future of the Xianhu Sutra NFT launch. Building on the resounding success of Xian Hu Sutra Digital Collection, he anticipates continued growth and appreciation of the digital collectibles, as they captivate the hearts of art enthusiasts and investors alike.

The resplendent launch of the Xianhu Sutra Digital Collection has established a new benchmark for digital art in the industry. Great Eastern Fund’s unwavering commitment to cultural preservation and its strategic partnerships with Manniu Toutiao and Zhongan Shenzhou Exchange have played a pivotal role in the remarkable success of this extraordinary collection.

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