GDEX Finance Cross-chain DEFI platform packed with various features including the revolutionary AI technology

Apr 15, 2023 (VSeoXnewsWire) — Singapore — When it comes to the DEX landscape, you are probably familiar with several household names, including Uniswap (ETH), Pancake (BSC), SushiSwap, QuickSwap (Matic), and many others that have emerged and continue to evolve. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has introduced a novel concept that has made a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. Today, we present to you an ambitious and feature-rich Defi project that you would not want to miss out on – Gdex

GDEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) operating on a cross-chain platform (including but not limited to SUI, ARB, ZK, APT) with AI integration for market analysis. It offers up to 200x leverage, making it attractive for traders looking to maximize their profits. Let’s delve into GDex to see why this project is worthy of your precious attention:

GDex incorporates numerous blockchain technologies into its products, with a notable emphasis on cutting-edge chains that have recently gained significant traction on the internet. Notably, among these technologies are SUI, ARB, ZK, and APT, all of which have shown exceptional promise in terms of enhancing GDex’s competitive advantages and expanding its reach to a wider range of potential customers and projects for collaboration.

GDex boasts a remarkable leverage of up to 200x, providing its users with an exceptional trading experience. Taking inspiration from GDX – a robust DEX project built on the ARB chain – GDex aspires to become the optimal hybrid of the decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized finance (CeFi) exchanges, effectively addressing the limitations of both ecosystems.

GDex employs proprietary AI technology to provide its users with complementary tools, including market analysis, trend tracking, and news updates. By doing so, GDex empowers its users to make informed decisions and maximize their earnings.

GDex is currently in the development phase and is actively seeking to expand its reach to a larger audience. Boasting an immaculate marketing campaign aimed at creating the biggest buzz in the cryptocurrency space, GDex has also developed a detailed roadmap that extends up to 2025, with the intention of advancing its capabilities even further.

Along with product development and marketing, GDex is set to open a profitable presale on BSC for early supporters before listing on major exchanges such as: gate, mexc, kucoin, etc.

Gdex token info:

Token Name: Gdex

Token Symbol: GED

Network: BEP-20
Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Allocation:

Presale: 15% Unlock 100%
Team: 10% Unlock after 6 months, then 10%/month

Retro: 10.00% Unlock after 1 month, then 25%/ week

Marketing: 5.00% Unlock after 1 month, then 25%/ week

Liquidity: 8.82%

Staking pool: 29.00% Unlock after 1 month, 10%/ week

Ecosystem Fund (Governance DAO, CEX): 22.18% Unlock after 2 months, then linear vesting.

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Media contact:

Company name: Gdex Finance Co Ltd

Contact Person : Media Relations



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