Europe’s largest crypto exchange WhiteBIT rebranded and gives away gifts

Apr 14, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — London, United Kingdom — You must have noticed the changes? You must have noticed the changes? The world is becoming bolder, more open and more determined. And along with this, the communication of big brands is also changing and developing. Europe’s largest crypto exchange WhiteBIT¬†announced its rebranding and revealed the secrets of the updated logo and style of communication with users. So, let’s take the bull by the horns and get to the bottom of it.

The reason is simple, brand representatives say that it is users who Set the level in WhiteBIT, and not only there!

Take a closer look

In honor of these changes, the company has prepared special gifts and promotions. For example, in order to get 150 USDT to your account, you need to be attentive! It’s simple, go to the WhiteBIt blog and look for the promo code parts. 1 week = 3 parts of one promo code.

It starts on the 25th of November.

And that’s not all. There are still many challenges ahead in the brand’s social networks. So join the celebration and take away a gift from WhiteBIT!

What does the bull mean?

The symbol of the bull, as the new vision of the company – forward relentlessly.

The depth of the symbol varies in different parts of the world but is the same in vibe. In some nations the bull is a symbol of determination and solar energy, in others it is a symbol of strength. In Japan, for example, the bull is a hard worker who gives strength in work, confidence, and works for the result. In Ukraine, it is a symbol of prosperity and for WhiteBit it is a symbol of market makers, because it is known that “bulls” in stock exchange slang are traders who play on the market rise. The lettering in the logo has smoother shapes, which symbolizes the flexibility of the company, but at the same time has a spirit of technology and strength.

The company’s slogan “You Set The Level” is also thought out, as the exchange becomes human-centric, where you are the main character and set your own limits, just like in real life. Thus, we show confidence, modernity, and dynamics.

And that is not all

Read more about the redesign, changes and the new WhiteBIT in the company’s blog. At the same time, you will find cool information about crypto and everything related to it.

And in December, the company representatives will hold a live broadcast and give away additional gifts to the most active participants!

Subscribe to WhiteBIT and take advantage of everything they have prepared.

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