Entrepreneur Black Zama connecting Afrocentric Travelers with Tulum’s Native Communities in 2023

Apr 12, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — Black Zama is a travel concierge and event promotions company founded by entrepreneur Jerry Justin Alexidor. The business caters to travelers coming to Tulum, Mexico, and its surrounding areas, offering travel services, information, and events. Black Zama has established itself as a prominent brand in the Tulum travel industry by providing exceptional customer service and creating a community that connects the Mayans of yesteryear to the journeys of Afrocentric travelers of today.

The idea for Black Zama was conceived when Alexidor found himself overwhelmed by the number of friends and acquaintances requesting recommendations for things to do in Tulum during the pandemic. As a result, he created a concierge service for the Black community, leveraging his customer experience skills to tailor the service to meet the needs of travelers. The business took off quickly, leading to the rebranding of Black Tulum to Black Zama in March 2023.

The co-founder of Black Zama, Charles Duncan, is a minority owner and serves as the CFO. He and Alexidor have been friends for over ten years, and he was the first person Alexidor called when he had the idea of starting Black Zama. Despite living in Los Angeles and being a military officer, Duncan has played an integral role in the growth and success of the company.

Black Zama’s mission is to connect deeply with the native communities of Tulum. The new name reflects this mission, with “Zama” being the original Mayan name for Tulum, meaning the Dawn or to wake up. Alexidor believes that this name reflects the similarities between the Mayan culture and rituals and those of Afrocentric people. With such a unique idea for a business, Alexidor is not only creating a profit but genuinely bringing people together.

The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to creating unique experiences for its clients. They assist with booking all their travel needs, from transportation, villa stays, yacht rentals, dining experiences, parties, and more. They also offer event promotion services, booking nightlife and dinner experiences for celebrities, influencers, athletes, and more. In doing so, they create connections and experiences that foster a sense of community between travelers and the native communities of Tulum.

Moving forward, Black Zama plans to curate bigger and better unique experiences through partnerships and sponsors. The company aims to host live concerts with performances by urban artists, festivals, black art exhibits, and more. Alexidor believes that they are just getting started, and with their commitment to creating unique experiences and fostering connections, it is clear that Black Zama is a business to watch in the Tulum travel industry. To know more about it, make sure to check out their social media profiles today!

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