Easy Online Divorce Set to Disrupt UK Divorce Process and Cut Costs Dramatically

Apr 26, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom — UK couples facing divorce proceedings may be pleased to know that collectively, they could save a staggering £300 million in legal fees this year, thanks to the innovative legaltech disruptor Easy Online Divorce, founded by James Brien. This UK-based company is the fastest-growing divorce company in the country and provides a quicker, hassle-free, low-cost alternative to the traditional lawyer-led divorce process.

James Brien is the founder of www.easyonlinedivorce.co.uk and the author of two books on divorce: ‘The Mindful Divorce: How to Heal and Be Happy After Separation’ and ‘The Real Man’s Guide To Divorce’. Easy Online Divorce has already saved families an estimated £3 million in legal fees this year alone, with predictions suggesting they will save an average of £60 million every year going forward. The company was also established by TrustPilotTM as the #1 divorce service in the UK with a 4.9 rating. James has been featured in numerous publications including The SunTM, IndependentTM, This is MoneyTM and more for his money-saving advice when it comes to relationships and divorce.

The legal industry is very closed and does not give free advice”, said James. “Last year 32,000 people visited our website seeking advice from the content I’ve written and 24,000 viewers have watched over 2000 hours of videos on our YouTubeTM channel. Anyone can book a call with us and get a free consultation where we don’t hold back – we tell them everything they need to know for FREE.” He continues to say, “When it comes to divorce, customers’ expectations are pretty low. They are used to being kept waiting and in the dark, and many solicitors are cold and lack empathy.”

Easy Online Divorce was created with one goal in mind: to bring comfort and convenience to those looking for an easy way out of their marriage without having to break the bank in legal fees or suffer lengthy delays caused by inefficient solicitors or law firms. The website offers a simple questionnaire which can be filled out online, detailing all relevant information needed for an uncontested divorce. The system then produces documents tailored to each user’s unique circumstances and submits them directly to court for processing – all from the comfort of your own home.

James said, “Easy Online Divorce aims to be the UK’s friendliest and best divorce service, and based on our reviews on TrustPilotTM, we are doing just that. Every time we connect with our customers, we use it as an opportunity to make their day better by providing honest, practical advice in plain English and having a warm and friendly, non-judgemental approach.”

To find out how Easy Online Divorce can be of help to you, visit http://www.easyonlinedivorce.co.uk.

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