Earn and Save: Crazy Bunny Knows about Profits and Charity – Perspective Overview

Apr 12, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — BALI, INDONESIA —CrazyBunny is a token created to help animals. It appeared relatively recently but has already attracted the crypto community and animal protection attention.

The idea of the project is to raise funds for animal charities and provide financial support to organizations involved in animal protection. Every time a user buys or sells CrazyBunny, a portion of the amount is transferred to the charity.

How do we verify that the funds go to charity? We all thank blockchain technology, which provides high security and transaction transparency.

CrazyBunny has resources and the idea to surpass Shiba’s records and eliminate all zeros from token value. The project team uses a deflationary model with limited tokens in circulation. Holders have less risk of portfolio drawdown, and tokens will continue to grow in the long run.

In addition, CrazyBunny is launching NFT stacking, allowing users to generate additional income.

Separately, the project roadmap is worth noting. It includes launching other features and tools for users and expanding the list of charities and Influencers that CrazyBunny collaborates with. – It makes sense.

There are also plans to list on CEX and create our own NFT marketplace, the profits from which will also go to help animals. – And that’s encouraging.

CrazyBunny has already completed the first points of its roadmap, gathering thousands of active users in its social networks. It has also had a successful listing on PancakeSwap.

CrazyBunny isn’t just about successful investments, and it’s about helping those who can’t defend themselves. Every day we see cute and defenseless creatures suffering from pain, hunger, and human abuse. But we have the power to change that. After all, it is possible to use technology to benefit all living creatures on Earth.

But also to take advantage of personal profit, of course.

Media Contact:

Website – https://crazybunny.top/
Email – info@crazybunny.top
Twitter – https://twitter.com/crazybunnybsc?s=21
Telegram – https://t.me/CrazyBunnyEN
Telegram – https://t.me/CrazyBunnyNEWS

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