DreamRingLabs Unveils Breakthrough Wearable Tech for Enhanced Lucid Dreaming

Lehi, Utah – 07 Feb 2024 – DreamRingLabs, a Utah-based neuroscience technology startup, announces  DreamRing™, a groundbreaking wearable device designed to unlock the transformative power of lucid dreaming through targeted magnetic brain stimulation.

After eight years of dedicated development, DreamRing arrives as a beacon of hope for those seeking to actively engage with their dreams. Lucid dreaming, a state where individuals retain consciousness within their dreams and can even manipulate the dreamscape, remains an elusive experience for many. DreamRing bridges this gap, empowering users to unlock deeper self-discovery, creative exploration, and problem-solving within the vibrant world of dreams.

“We’re thrilled to introduce DreamRing and invite both dreaming novices and seasoned practitioners to explore the vast potential of lucid dream experiences” says Mitch, founder of DreamRingLabs. “This innovative device, meticulously engineered for comfort and ease of use, aims to turn every night into an opportunity for adventure and self-discovery.”

DreamRingLabs has conducted eight rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled group studies to scientifically evaluate the device’s effectiveness. “The results are promising,” explains Mitch. “By bridging the conscious and subconscious realms, DreamRing empowers users to explore their dreams with unprecedented clarity and intention, unlocking a new level of awareness and understanding while dreaming.”

DreamRingLabs will be unveiling the device in the coming months, offering dream enthusiasts a chance to delve deeper into their subconscious minds. For more information about DreamRing, including features and pricing, please visit https://dreamringlabs.com/.

About DreamRingLabs

DreamRingLabs is a neuroscience technology startup committed to unlocking the transformative potential of lucid dreaming. Combining scientific approaches with user-centric design, the company develops innovative wearable devices to empower individuals to explore the boundless landscapes of their subconscious minds.


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