Crypto Family About to Launch Family Tokens and NFTs Pretty Soon

Apr 18, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — DUBAI, UAE — Crypto Family, the blockchain-based platform provides a unique opportunity for members to participate in the growing crypto industry, has announced the upcoming launch of its new Family Tokens and Family NFTs. These innovative assets will provide unparalleled benefits for members, including enhanced wealth generation opportunities and unique access to the platform’s comprehensive operations.

Crypto Family has been providing members with unique opportunities to participate in the crypto industry since 2018. With a team of 20 blockchain and marketing specialists, Crypto Family has developed a comprehensive platform including Cloud Mining, Gold Mining, various types of NFT production, crypto transaction validation, and expert market analysis.

Founded by Nebojsa Katic, a veteran of the blockchain industry with over eight years of experience, Crypto Family has evolved from its Central European roots and established itself as Crypto Family FZC, a registered entity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company has formed joint venture partnerships with The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah emirates, as well as a Canadian mining group, to develop blockchain-based gold mining projects.

Crypto Family is a one-of-a-kind passive income opportunity for life, wherein one can rent Family NFTs for 90 days at an incredibly affordable price of just $24 per token! To be eligible for Family NFTs, you only need to be a Family Token holder and in turn a member of Crypto Family, to have an opportunity to take control of contributions and generate significant returns on transactions.

With a maximum of 6.000 Family NFT per member, choose as many as you wish to maximize your earnings potential. Each Family NFT rental period lasts for 90 days, with potential revenue rewards in the form of 8.33% of $24 (roughly $2) for 81 days, since 9 days required for activation.

Do not worry about manually renewing the Family NFTs every 90 days. For a hassle-free experience, activate automatic Family NFT renewal on the site itself. And if you ever decide to renew manually, it only costs $12.

Crypto Family empowers its members to take control of their investments and make the most of the cryptocurrency market. By renting Family NFTs, one is not only securing a place in the NFT world, but even the crypto world in the form of Family Tokens or FTs whose value currently stands at $1, with an unprecedented potential of the value going higher for possible significant earnings potential in the future years to come.

Crypto Family also provides members with access to a rental and gaming platform offering a comprehensive approach to crypto investing. By leveraging the platform’s operations, including Cloud Mining, Gold Mining, various types of NFT production, crypto transaction validation, and expert market analysis, members can generate income and spread wealth through Reward Cubes.

In addition to rental and gaming rewards, Crypto Family provides members with opportunities to earn rewards by becoming part of the validation team. Qualified members are trained to participate in validation projects and gain valuable knowledge and experience to succeed in the industry.

“Our new Family Tokens and NFTs are the next step in our mission to provide our members with the most innovative and comprehensive approach to crypto investing,” says Katic, the CEO of Crypto Family. Furthermore, the CMO of Crypto Family, and the Co-founder, Blaz Posinek adds “We believe these new offerings will provide even more value to our members and help them achieve their financial goals.”

Crypto Family’s Mining Hubs operate on the WAXP blockchain, which is widely regarded as the best blockchain for NFT transactions. Using Proof of Stake consensus, WAXP is 100% carbon-free, making it an environmentally friendly solution. In addition to rental and gaming rewards, the platform also provides members with opportunities to earn rewards by becoming part of the validation team.

Crypto Family wants to establish itself as a global leader in blockchain-based wealth generation, with a reach extending from its Central European roots to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and beyond. The company has relocated to one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions with an advanced financial ecosystem to operate from.

Please visit the official link below for more information about The Crypto Family Token and the live pre-sale.

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