BABB Unveils Hybrid Accounts To Promote Financial Inclusion And Tackle Social Inequalities

Apr 20, 2023 (SeoXnewsWire) — London, United Kingdom – – BABB announces its all-in-one app that provides access to financial services for all. The company is harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to streamline and simplify the process of peer-to-peer transactions across borders, bypassing the limitations of traditional banking networks and costly intermediaries.

Babb delivers accessible, secure, convenient, and cost-effective fintech services designed to serve the global microeconomy. The BABB platform uses Blockchain technology to make money transfers immediate & free amongst Babb’s users. The tokenization of conventional currency makes this possible for BABB — allowing seamless transactions.

BABB’s unified app offers a wide range of financial services, including everyday banking, traditional currency transactions, and cryptocurrency capabilities, all conveniently accessible from a single platform. Customers can send and receive money, get paid, receive earnings, change currency to CurrencyX, and soon to release virtual and physical MasterCard cards for purchases and cash withdrawals.

BABB’s partners include Clearbank, Railsbank, SYGNUM, Swift, MasterCard, and Neopay. The fintech company stands out for its many advantages, including its zero-fee P2P transactions between BABB users, sending, receiving and converting digital assets, a multi-currency account, and the BABB MasterCard. In addition, the company offers convenient features, including global on-chain and off-chain transactions.

The company aims to quickly establish itself as one of the UK’s pioneering autonomous Financial Service Platforms. With a dedicated team committed to spreading financial security, they are poised to disrupt the banking sector in pursuit of their mission.

According to BABB’s CEO and founder Rushd Averroes: “Traditionally, micro-transactions are incredibly costly to banks; on the blockchain, this is no longer the case, making it a viable alternative to cash that high street banks are unable to provide. I knew I could make a positive impact on the lives of many people. Innovating for the benefit of all that’s what we do at BABB.

As part of the BABB community, users can support BABB’s mission to provide inclusive financial services worldwide without limitations. With the launch of its innovative blockchain-based banking service, BABB combines advanced web3 technology with user-friendly features, low costs, and accessibility, offering the best of both worlds in modern banking.

About BABB

BABB is a registered company based in London, operating in the financial technology industry. The company was founded by Rushd Averroes in 2016 and focused on decentralized financial systems offering peer-to-peer money and crypto transfer, mobile banking app, Social KYC, and the Black Card.

Company Details
Organization: BABB
Contact Person: Alyssa Bernal

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